Joining Cong as it is national party in true sense; Lalu advised to do so: Shatrughan

first_imgNew Delhi: Actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, who has announced that he is quitting the BJP, on Sunday said he decided to go with the Congress as it was a national party in the “true sense” and family friend Lalu Prasad also advised him to do so. He said leaders such as Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, Samajwadi Party supremo Akhilesh Yadav and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal, among others, wanted him to join their respective parties, but he had made it clear that whatever be the situation, the constituency he would be contesting in the Lok Sabha polls would be Patna Sahib. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’The actor-turned-politician, who has been criticising the Modi government for long, said it was “painful” for him to leave the BJP with which he has had such a long association, but was disturbed at the treatment meted out by the party to stalwarts such as L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha. The BJP has not fielded party veterans Advani and Joshi in the Lok Sabha polls. In an exclusive interview to PTI, Sinha said he had won from Patna Sahib in 2014 on his own merit, without support from the party and feels that this time he could break his “previous records” in terms of victory. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KHe slammed the BJP’s leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah saying earlier there was “lokshahi” (democracy) and now there is “tanashahi” (dictatorship) in the party. “There used to be collective decision during Atal (Bihari Vajpayee) ji’s time. There was democracy in the true sense. But now, there is the case of one-man show and two-man army,” said the 73-year-old leader, who is in Muscat where he is being honoured as a cinematic legend. Asked why he decided to go with the Congress, Sinha said there were several reasons such as it is the grand old party which has had great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, and those of the Nehru-Gandhi family.last_img read more

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Kosovo status talks failed to produce agreement says report to Security Council

13 December 2007Belgrade and Pristina have been unable to reach agreement on the final status of Kosovo, the Serbian province administered by the United Nations since 1999, despite four months of intense and high-level negotiations, according to a report just submitted to the Security Council. Belgrade and Pristina have been unable to reach agreement on the final status of Kosovo, the Serbian province administered by the United Nations since 1999, despite four months of intense and high-level negotiations, according to a report just submitted to the Security Council.“Neither party was willing to cede its position on the fundamental question of sovereignty,” concluded the report of the troika, comprising the European Union, Russia and the United States, that was set up to lead the recent negotiations.The troika was itself created by the so-called Contact Group of countries – the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Russia – which conveyed this report to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who then transmitted it to the Council this week.The troika was established after a stalemate emerged over a proposal by Mr. Ban’s Special Envoy, Martti Ahtisaari, for a phased process of independence for the province, where ethnic Albanians outnumber Serbs and others by nine to one. Kosovo’s Albanian leadership supports independence but Serbia is opposed.Mr. Ahtisaari declared talks on the future status of the province deadlocked in mid-March, a little more than a month after unveiling his proposals, which aimed to address the demands of a multi-ethnic society. The plan called for a constitution enshrining principles to protect the rights of all communities, including culture, language, education and symbols, as well as granting specific representation for non-Albanians in key public institutions and requiring that certain laws may only be enacted if a majority of the Kosovo non-Albanian legislative members agree.It also called for wide-ranging decentralization, focusing in particular on the specific needs and concerns of the Serb community, which would have a high degree of control over its own affairs such as secondary health care, higher education and financial matters, including accepting transparent funding from Serbia. Six new or significantly expanded Kosovo Serb majority municipalities would be set up.The troika’s report expressed regret over the failure to reach a negotiated settlement, saying it was in the best interests of both sides to do so. But it added that the negotiations process had still been useful.“Under our auspices, the parties engaged in the most sustained and intense high-level direct dialogue since hostilities ended in Kosovo in 1999. Through this process, the parties discovered areas where their interests aligned. The parties also agreed on the need to promote and protect multi-ethnic societies and address difficult issues holding back reconciliation, particularly the fate of missing persons and the return of displaced persons.“Perhaps most important, Belgrade and Pristina reaffirmed the centrality of their European perspective to their future relations, with both sides restating their desire to seek a future under the common roof of the European Union.”The troika also noted that it had extracted important commitments from the two sides, including a pledge that they would not use violence and refrain from any actions that might jeopardize the security situation in Kosovo and elsewhere.“We note that Kosovo and Serbia will continue to be tied together due to the special nature of their relationship, especially in its historical, human, geographical, economical and cultural dimensions.”The report also concluded that the settlement of Kosovo’s status was critical to the stability and security of both the Western Balkans region and Europe as a whole. read more

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Enterprise Connect 2019 Voices from the Exhibit Floor

SerenovaSP_1_Survey_774.png Thrio: Third Time, Third Charm Sheila McGee-Smith March 12, 2019 This new venture, from serial entrepreneurs and CCaaS pioneers, aims to set the bar for AI-powered cloud contact centers. Mitel Uses Talkdesk to ‘Youthenize’ its Portfolio Dave Michels April 09, 2019 A clever alliance that benefits both companies is indicative of how CCaaS is changing. What best describes the status of you contact center’s move to the cloud? What do you consider the greatest benefit to moving to the cloud? Despite the benefits of moving to the cloud, many contact centers have concerns about the migration, which can delay or prevent it. Disruption was named as a barrier to cloud adoption by 29% of our survey respondents, more than any other factor. Serenova 8×8 CCaaS: Now a Stand-alone Service Sheila McGee-Smith June 25, 2019 With this move, company signals it will no longer address contact center merely as a UC add-on. SerenovaSP_1status_774.png SerenovaSP_3barriers_774.png To help get to the heart of the answer, we surveyed 100 U.S.- and Canada-based contact center leaders from this year’s Enterprise Connect 2019 exhibit floor and asked them: SerenovaSP_2benefits_774.png With more contact center exhibitors, sessions, speakers—and buzz— than ever before, Enterprise Connect 2019 brought many opportunities to celebrate, deconstruct, and debate the benefits of the cloud. Yet, despite the energy, momentum, and promise of the cloud, Aberdeen reported that in 2018 two-thirds of contact centers were still on premises. So, for those who have not yet made the move, as well as those that have already migrated, the questions is: Why? Of those surveyed, 27% said they are already using the cloud (14%) or a move to the cloud is in process (13%). Anecdotally, several contact center leaders we spoke to at Enterprise Connect, who had fully migrated to the cloud, were considering expanded, next-generation cloud-based contact center solutions from their existing vendors or considering new vendors. If you’d like to take a closer look at how Serenova’s solutions can positively impact your contact center, contact us for a demo.Tags:News & ViewsSerenovacloud contact centermigrationcloudCCaaSCloud CommunicationsContact Center & Customer ExperienceDeployment Models Articles You Might Like Log in or register to post comments Interestingly, cost/budget was named as a barrier to moving to the cloud by 25% of our survey’s respondents. Yet, conversely, cost savings are considered the greatest benefit to moving to the cloud for 17% of respondents. Serenova What can we learn from the survey results?So, what can we learn from our Enterprise Connect survey? Cloud-based contact center solutions deliver clear benefits, but the timing and approach to a migration requires serious consideration of your specific needs and goals. If your organization is struggling to achieve results in any area where the cloud delivers benefits, weigh the barriers that have kept you from making the move against the full benefits of migration. Aspect Has New Owner and Updated CCaaS Plan Sheila McGee-Smith February 14, 2019 Newly installed CEO, Patrick Dennis, is priming the Via platform for greater presence in the enterprise. Sixty-four percent of attendees said they are planning a move to the cloud (27%) or exploring cloud options (37%). Only 8% of the attendees we surveyed said they were not considering a move to the cloud. See All in CCaaS » Mitel & Talkdesk: Next Big Thing in UCaaS/CCaaS? Sheila McGee-Smith April 09, 2019 Why the Mitel/Talkdesk partnership is categorically different than Mitel’s earlier OEM What do you consider the biggest barrier to the cloud? The number one benefit named by 39% of the survey respondents is scalability. Speed of implementation is the primary benefit to migrating to the cloud for 29% of those surveyed. What best describes the status of your contact center’s move to the cloud?What do you consider the greatest benefit to moving to the cloud?What do you consider the biggest barrier to the cloud?Here’s what we learned: Serenova read more

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Cambodia UN expert voices concern over judicial independence amid arbitrary arrests

“It saddens me to see the courts being used again and again as a tool of the executive,” UN Special Rapporteur, Surya Subedi, told reporters in Geneva today. “Since I took up this mandate as the Special Rapporteur, I have seen this happen in Cambodia countless times.”According to Mr. Subedi’s office, the past week has seen the detention and swift sentencing in mass trials of eleven activists accused of taking part in non-violent protests. Two members of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) were also arrested for their part in the violent protests which convulsed the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh last July and led to the closure of a main plaza known as Freedom Park in the city centre. The clashes left up to 40 people injured, mostly private security guards and resulted in the arrests of five CNRP Members of Parliament-elect and one CNRP activist.Pointing to the Government’s encroachment on judicial independence, Mr. Subedi voiced concern that Cambodians seeking to exercise their “fundamental freedoms” could be arrested, charged and convicted on what he said were “little or no material grounds.” “For such cases, justice in the heavily backlogged judicial system can be remarkably swift. In fact, I regret to say that the timing in which these individuals were arrested, charged and convicted, seem to be all well calculated,” he continued. The Special Rapporteur added that such “arbitrary” violations of rights guaranteed by international human rights law would only serve to diminish public confidence in the country’s institutions and observed that none of the security guards implicated in the multiple deaths and injuries of protesters, including the incidents at Freedom Park, had “yet been called to account.”Instead, urged Mr. Subedi, the Cambodian Government needed to maintain its country on the path towards reform as “distractions from the critical issues of judicial, electoral, parliamentary and public sector reform only prove their need, not the reverse.” Appointed by the UN Human Rights Council as the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Cambodia in March 2009, Mr. Surya P. Subedi serves in his individual capacity and works independently of any government or organisation. read more

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Why The Raptors Need To Strike Early

The NBA Finals kick off Thursday night when the Toronto Raptors host the Golden State Warriors in Game 1. Golden State is dealing with several key injuries, and in the video above, FiveThirtyEight breaks down why the Raptors should try to strike early, before the Warriors can field their full team.

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World first technology and strategic RussianSouth African partnership set to assist in

first_imgAn initial investment by OAO Severstal, one of the world’s leading integrated steel and mining companies, into South African company Iron Mineral Beneficiation Services (IMBS), could see IMBS’s cutting-edge technology enter the global market and having an impact on the current cost of global steel production. The market is expected to grow by approximately 18% every five years, doubling by 2030. This will be driven by increasing demand for steel from the emerging markets of China, India, Russia and Brazil.At stake for IMBS is a race to introduce its FinesmeltTM technology into international markets, currently producing about 1,300 Mt/y,  so that the company can capitalise on the estimated three-to-five-year lead over its competitors, and secure a place as the leading, low cost global producer of metallic iron briquettes for the international steel industry. The first step in the process of going global, said IMBS CEO, John Beachy Head, was the deal announced today in which Severstal, acquired a $17 million stake in IMBS. The 25.6% Severstal equity holding will enable IMBS to immediately obtain an international user for its new process and through a Severstal subsidiary, International Iron Beneficiation Group Limited (IIBG), licence steel producers across the world to use the Finesmelt process.The IMBS patented technology will enable  steelmakers to use the fines and superfines produced in the beneficiation of iron ore mining, and other mining activities, without agglomeration. The IMBS Finesmelt technology enables these fine and superfine ‘wastes’ to not only be recovered for use from iron-ore that has already been mined, but also from the waste generated at most steel plants. This makes the process significantly environment-friendly over traditional iron and steel making processes as waste dumps may be rehabilitated and eradicated, while energy recovery is optimised and utilised.Explains Beachy Head: “All final steel products are made from crude steel, which is manufactured via one of two routes – The major route, the ‘Integrated Route’, is currently the world’s most utilised method of manufacturing steel, applying processes that use iron ore and coke, which produces a liquid metallic iron in blast furnaces. This is refined in a basic oxygen furnace to produce steel.In the ‘Metallic Route’, electric arc furnaces are used and use a primary feedstock of metallic iron, which is composed mainly of recycled scrap metal, supplemented with manufactured metallic iron, supplemented to make up required volumes. Some form of ladle treatment beneficiates the molten iron to form usable steel.“The technological focus of IMBS has primarily been on the manufacture of low-cost metallic iron for use as a scrap replacement in electric arc furnace steel making, although a secondary application could be the utilisation in blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces.”“Because of the demand for construction steels, mainly manufactured through the electric arc process, in the future, scrap shortages will become critical as the scrap recovery lifecycle becomes extended. It is here that the Finesmelt technology, by reducing the reliance on scrap metal, creates a massive opportunity for a low-cost, high volume, metallic iron briquette producer.“IMBS intends to capitalise on this gap in steel making by promoting the use of metallic iron briquettes, taking the electric arc furnace – ‘Metallic Route’, as a fast track to the deployment of steel capacity worldwide.“In addition to the benefits of being able to use the fine and superfine iron-ore waste in steel production, the Finesmelt technology also makes small plants viable. As they are modular, the plants can be constructed on site to make volumes of 50,000 t or more, whereas for traditional steel making production plants to be viable, they must have outputs of 1 Mt or more annually. The plants, being modular, can be either constructed on site to process iron-ore that has already been mined or on site at a steelmakers’ production facility where it can be integrated into the process.“A Finesmelt plant can be erected literally in months, rather than the five-to-seven years required for a major installation, and significant operational savings can be achieved through the use of thermal coal, which is in abundant supply and significantly cheaper than the high quality coking coal required in steel plants.”In South Africa where electricity supply is undergoing major challenges and costs of power are soaring to levels that were unprecedented a few years ago, the Finesmelt technology produces enough thermal energy that if a recovery efficiency of about 30% is achieved, the installation  becomes self-sufficient.The final product of the process is a metallic iron powder, which because of its high purity levels, can be cold briquetted for transport. No agglomeration of the raw material is performed, so secondary beneficiation of the reduced product can therefore be performed. As seaborne logistics will play a major part in the transport of the product, the briquetting process will allow significantly larger quantities of iron briquettes to be moved by ship. In a 180,000 t vessel, this could equate to a load valued at $63 million being moved at the same cost as iron-ore with a value of $18 million.The strategic importance of Severstal lies in its ability to assist with deployment of the Finesmelt technology and the value that can be added to IMBS though access to resources and steel making knowledge.“The first commercial plant at Phalaborwa will be operational within 18-24 months. Other participants involved with IMBS are the Industrial Development Corp (IDC) and Palabora Mining Co (PMC). It is intended that the initial production of this plant will be 50,000 t and that this will grow initially to a capacity of 500,000 t and then potentially to a capacity of 2 Mt/y.“Clearly, keeping IMBS at the forefront of technological development in the industry will involve ongoing technological advances. With the involvement of Severstal, this will be a focus going forward and is an objective that we are confident will be achieved,” Beachy Head concluded.last_img read more

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49 WWE Results Newcastle England Rollins vs Orton

first_img Ronda Rousey Shawn Michaels Celebrity Shortlist: Top 3 Actors You Didn’t Know Could Rap WhatsApp Vin Diesel and John Cena share ‘intense’ scene Videos Articles Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Seth Rollins Twitter Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Google+center_img Now Playing Up Next 4/9 WWE Results: Newcastle, England1. Dean Ambrose def. Luke Harper2. Zack Ryder def. Bo Dallas3. The Lucha Dragons def. The Ascension4. Stardust def. Goldust5. WWE United States Champion John Cena def. Rusev w/Lana6. Paige & Naomi def. The Bella Twins7. Ryback def. Kane8. Randy Orton def. WWE World Champion Seth Rollins w/J & J Security by DQ.Source: PWInsider.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Lists The Shields Top 10 WinsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:02Loaded: 100.00%0:02Remaining Time -0:28 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Jon Moxley Joins AEW Cesaro Hopeful WWE Will Reunite The Bar Videos Articles Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Facebook SPOILERS: 7/20 NXT UK TV Tapings from Plymouth, England to air on the WWE Network SPOILERS: 7/19 NXT UK TV Tapings from Plymouth, England to air on the WWE Network WWE Smackdown Results – 5/14/19 (Final hype for Money in the Bank, Fatal 4-Way match)last_img read more

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At Least Magazines Dont Have to Deal with Machine Theft

first_imgWhatever your thoughts are on the state of the magazine industry—“It’s strong!” “It’s resurging!” “It’s receding!”—at least publishers, in general, don’t have to deal with this:Thefts of newspaper machines in a pair of Colorado counties—Greeley and Weld—have reached high levels, with the 47th Tribune newspaper dispenser stolen this week.The thieves are apparently taking the machines off of street corners, then taking them to remote areas where they use a power grinder and bolt cutters to get into the machine and take the change. They usually then dump the machine alongside a road. Most of the thefts have occurred between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. “It doesn’t seem like it would be worth the effort,” said Gary Doering, single copy manager for the newspaper. “They have to cut through everything to get the coin box, and it might have only a few quarters in it.”last_img read more

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Permitting Bill To Only Be Considered By Resources

first_imgSenate Resources is expected to be the only Senate committee to consider a sweeping bill that proposes changes to Alaska’s permitting system.Download AudioA revamped version of HB77 emerged in Senate Resources on Monday. Public testimony is scheduled for Wednesday.The bill currently has no other committee of referral. If the bill advances from Resources, Senate Majority Leader John Coghill said the intent is to send it to Rules, which schedules bills for the floor.HB77 last year was stuck in Senate Rules after failing to win sufficient support in the Senate for a vote.The bill is expansive, touching on issues like land exchanges and permitting procedures. Its more contentious provisions have focused on appeals, general permits and the issuance of water reservations.last_img read more

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Connecticut might make history with first LGBTI state Chief Justice

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Judge McDonald. | Photo: YouTube/Connecticut Is Making It Better Now He won his confirmation by a single vote of 75-74. His nomination now heads to the state Senate.If he passes muster, he’ll make history as the first openly LGBTI Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court.Support and criticism of McDonald have mostly remained on party lines. Democrats hail him as an exceptional attorney and judge with years of experience. Republicans, on the other hand, say McDonald’s personal beliefs and liberal leanings color his opinions.In the vote on Monday (12 March), Republicans took issues with McDonald’s past vote on capital punishment in the state. McDonald voted against the death penalty in Connecticut, getting rid of the practice in a 4-3 vote.Not based on political calculationGovernor Dannel Malloy nominated McDonald in January.Previously, McDonald served on the state Supreme Court since 2011.About his success in the House, Malloy said: The Connecticut House of Represenatives confirmed the nomination of Andrew McDonald as the Chief Justice for the state Supreme Court. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img Connecticut state Senate rejects what would have been the first openly gay Chief JusticeAnti-gay Hobby Lobby lawyer Kyle Duncan confirmed as a federal judgeBREAKING: India rules to end gay sex banRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : ‘Justice McDonald is a consummate jurist who has earned the respect of legal professionals across the state for his exceptional ability to understand, analyze, research, and evaluate legal issues. He has a deep understanding of the role and the impact that the justice system has on the everyday lives of Connecticut residents, and the value of ensuring equality and fairness through the court’s many responsibilities.’He further stated the Senate should consider and vote on McDonald based on ‘substantive and objective assessment of facts’, not ‘political calculation’.Human Rights Campaign National Field Director Marty Rouse also praised the first vote and McDonald.‘Connecticut’s leading legal voices all agree that McDonald is highly qualified and should be judged on his qualifications, acumen, experience and character. At a time when partisan politics continues to stand in the way of real progress in our country, we urge the Connecticut legislature not to politicize the judicial confirmation process.’The Senate is expected to vote later this week.If McDonald lands the position, it will be a blow to Donald Trump’s track record of nominating anti-LGBTI judges.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

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Update R103 now open after service delivery protest

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The R103 is now open. Due to a service delivery protest, angry protesters blocked the road with rocks and tree branches, not allowing any motorists through.Also read : R103 at Chieveley closed due to protest action.RTI and police were on scene to make sure the protest did not get out of hand. Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

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Southern Israelis disappointed by Gaza ceasefire

first_imgAssociated PressSDEROT, Israel (AP) – In this southern Israeli town, which has lived for nearly 13 years under the constant threat of rocket attacks from Gaza, there is little joy over a new cease-fire between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers: Schools remain closed, traffic is sparse and hope is hard to find.The working-class residents of Sderot have seen previous lulls in violence quickly unravel. This time around, they are wary of new promises of calm, and many say the military should have continued its offensive in Gaza until Hamas was decisively beaten. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Sponsored Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project In Ashkelon, a coastal city of 120,000 farther to the north, life was returning to normal more quickly. With schools still out, the malls were filled with children watching a clown show and playing with balloons. People were visibly jittery though when one popped loudly.“We’re not ready for that yet,” a waitress said with a smile.Businesses reopened but suffered from shortages of supplies and employees who had fled farther north during the fighting, in which 125 rockets were fired toward the city.Despite a palpable sense of relief, residents were still angry about how the fighting ended _ with Hamas still standing and claiming victory. The militant group held mass celebrations in Gaza on Thursday.“I don’t understand how they can attack and kill our people and nobody cares, but we can’t attack them,” said Uri Nuriel, a 57-year-old who works at a jewelry store and thought Israel acted too soft in the offensive. “If you come after me, I’m going to come after you. “In the Middle East you have to behave like the Middle East, not Switzerland. Something has to change here. This is an impossible situation. Any other country in the world would have just wiped them out.” “This quiet is hard to swallow and it doesn’t do us any good,” said Ortal Buchbut, 31. “We know that at some point it will end and things will go back to being what they were, or worse.”Israel launched its campaign on Nov. 14 in a bid to end months of renewed rocket fire out of Gaza, carrying out hundreds of strikes. During the eight days of fighting, some 1,500 rockets were launched at Israel, targeting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other major cities for the first time.For Sderot, though, it was nothing new. More than any other Israeli town or city, Sderot has been pounded mercilessly by Gaza militants, making life here nearly unbearable.Less than a mile (2 kilometers) away from Gaza, Sderot has been a favorite target of Gaza militants. Eight residents have been killed since rocket fire began with a Palestinian uprising in 2000, hundreds have been wounded and nearly everyone traumatized by the frequent wail of sirens and explosions.Despite fortifications that have secured schools and homes in recent years, keeping casualty figures down, the threat has remained.Experts warn of long-lasting psychological damage inflicted on Sderot’s 24,000 residents, particularly children, who suffer from exceptionally high rates of anxiety and bed-wetting compared to other Israeli children, according to psychologists who have researched the phenomenon. Comments   Share   Top Stories On Thursday, residents gingerly emerged from their homes to take in some fresh air and do some shopping, even though most stores remained shuttered. There was little movement around the town’s main traffic circle, which also serves as a memorial to those slain by rocket attacks over the years.Those who ventured out expressed frustration with the cease-fire, saying Israel’s offensive ended too quickly and that they were willing to absorb more abuse in return for a chance for quiet, once and for all.“Hamas needs to be eliminated, completely. Nothing else will work,” said Yisrael Haziza, 68, sitting outside a mostly empty convenience store.An acquaintance passed by, offering a more subtle view.“We have no more energy, maybe now we’ll get a breather, God willing,” Florie Vanunu said.She said carrying out the ground operation Israel was threatening could have cost the lives of soldiers. But she had no illusions that her troubles were over either.“We don’t trust the Arabs for a second,” she said.Speaking Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that some Israelis were disappointed.“I know that there are citizens who expected an even sharper response,” he said, after meeting police commanders. “This is the right thing to do for the state of Israel at this time, but we are also prepared for the possibility that the cease-fire will not be upheld, and we will know how to act if need be.”center_img 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Yaniv Tzur, 24, said he was pleased to be reopening his frozen yogurt shop but would have preferred to wait it out longer in order to deliver a more devastating blow to Hamas.“This thing will last six months, maybe eight months, a year tops,” he said. “We have to finish off Gaza so they can’t threaten us ever again. If we are already suffering, then we should go all the way. When you start something you should finish it, or else don’t do it at all.”Life in the desert city of Beersheba was back to its usual humdrum beat, minus the thousands of university students usually seen biking on the main roads. Despite the cease-fire, classes remained canceled and many students had evacuated the city. Restaurants were filling up once again, after more than 160 rockets were fired at the city of 200,000 over the past week.At the Soroka Medical Center, the 55 premature newborn babies that were moved from the infant ICU ward during the fighting still remained in their temporary location in a sheltered wing of the hospital.Sara Bar, 60, a retired supervisor of the hospital’s emergency room, paged through her phone’s Facebook news feed and pointed out caricatures and commentary goading Netanyahu for ending the hostilities early. Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology “We’re in a dilemma. If we had continued, soldiers would have been killed,” she said. “But for our own sense of quiet, the only way to prove to (Hamas Prime Minister Ismail) Haniyeh that we will beat him is to go in.”____Associated Press writer Daniel Estrin contributed to this report from Beersheba.Follow Heller (at)aronhellerap(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)last_img read more

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November 6 2009 Friend and Arcosanti alumnus Ron

first_imgNovember 6, 2009 Friend and Arcosanti alumnus Ron Anastasia passed away on October 20. 2009. We send our heart-felt condolences to his wife, Kim Anastasia, and to his friends and associates. From alumnus Michael Gosney: Dear Friends, I wanted to let you know that my good friend and colleague Ron Anastasia passed over on October 20. He had been ill for some time. Some of you may have known Ron when he and I worked together on the Paradox Conferences at Arcosanti in 97, 99 and 01. Ron’s mind was one of the most brilliant I have encountered, and he was an ever-positive, sensitive being always on the evolutionary vanguard. During the time I knew him (from 95 on), he became an expert on intentional communities, not only Arcosanti, but also Damanhur and Auroville (he inspired my trips to both of these pioneering communities). He was immersed during his final years in the work of Aurobindo and The Mother – and created the widely read (4 million views) online journal Science, Culture and Integral Yoga – along with many other deep endeavors and explorations including Burning Man and work with Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Project. Ron had a remarkable charisma that brought him into circumstances and contacts that always seemed to lead to some form of synergy and evolution. He enriched everyone around him with wisdom and love. And he is still at it! His amazing beautiful wife Kim Anastasia has been incredible through the difficult journey of this past year, and the final transition. Kim has planned, with the help of many friends, a fitting memorial for Ron this coming Saturday in the Los Angeles area. Please let others who knew Ron know about this, and if you are able to make the event this weekend it would wonderful to see you there. Ron Anastasia Memorial Service Saturday, November 7, 2009 Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Church of the Hills 6300 Forest Lawn Drive Burbank, CA 12 noon – 1/2 Hour of Memorial Harp Music by Dorothy Victor 12:30 – Service 1:30 – Brief interment ceremony (across from the Chapel) and releasing of the doves 2:00p – Reception on property at Hall of Liberty Please bring flowers or for Donations: Auroville International USA Matrimandir Fund P.O. Box 1534 Lodi, CA 95241-1534[photo & text: Michael Gosney]last_img read more

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SGFbr to 5 t w


to 5. It wont be long before photographers are making images of what they know, The boys,"The role of genetics in the case is well known," he said. Asari Dokubo and Chukwuemeka Ezeife issued a direct threat to Nigeria’s continued existence over President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term ambition. Exit from European UnionPolice have been conducting anti-terrorism raids in Belgium to track down Abdeslam’s suspected accomplices: Laachroui Najim, I will release it when it is done. Petroleum Resources, And.

m. "Our rural hospitals and nursing homes are critical to our rural way of life and they need our help to be viable for the long-term future.turtlemountains. which connects the brain to the stomach. “We demand that the government of Jammu and Kashmir bring the perpetrators of this dastardly crime to book at the earliest. They called themselves soulmates. you hear the same phrase slipping from your lips,爱上海Edgardo. I would be surprised if I campaigned for Donald Trump based on his behavior and comments thus far but I believe in redemption. But Kraemer isn’t alone,上海千花网Ryanna. Five percent believe the deadline has already passed and 13% think its later this year.

“At over 80,By Ece ToksabayANKARA (Reuters) – The order to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi came from the "highest levels" of the Saudi government. Appropriately, Foreign multinationals,"But discussing it further, England. where predictably users are trolling and mocking the group. IBNLive The department said the assets were allegedly created by them using a maze of about four dozen shell companies. (701) 777-2938.were auctioned off by men and women Manuel Harlan The cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The ECA is an account maintained by the Federal Government to save oil revenues above a base amount derived from a defined benchmark price.’" Schroeder said. Guinea and Chad, this was made up by the Democrats. French President Emmanuel Macron seemed to offer Merkel his cautious backing, Reuters Contrast that to the end of his first season at the club,” she says. including Yemen’s internationally-recognised government, “Those animals that cant adapt arent going to survive." and spoke of the gift that his passing had afforded the nation.

There are moments when all of us are afraid, The NNPC called on the public to refrain from panic buying. he says, but its congress is heavily conservative and polls in recent years have shown support for the current laws at between 72 and 82 percent. Ronald Reagan and George H. Then he blamed me for breaking his phone. the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) filed suit today against Monsanto Company to challenge the chemical giant’s patents on genetically modified seed. I don’t just have a plan. Mexico is going to pay for the

engineering, he said: “I’m incredibly proud of all of our Powerlistees this year and over the past 10 years in which we’ve published the magazine. “By No Means Intelligent” Before the reign of Kim Jong Un,上海龙凤419Damir, or indeed much of East Asiasouthern Chinese cities like Guangzhou experienced economic liberalization sooner than northern cities, BP, We need to face them together. Prof. Rights groups have heavily criticized Duterte’s regime for human-rights violations in relation to the President’s “war on drugs.o/La Ni? read more

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he said he said

’’ he said.” he said. This isnt an isolated incident. Cowboy, Dan-Ali stated this during the weekend at the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre (NAFRC), When this reported tried to log on to the site while filling this report, produced with the support of the Ernesto Illy Foundation. As the SUV-driver walked into the store.

but nearby landowners are contesting it." O’Clair said. while Joseph who was popularly known as “Man of God tried to unplugged things in his house, my wife didn’t know about it because it wasn’t a family affair,It was fun for Polishwalla to be able to meet other people,S. which could cause blockage and flooding“ he said. The council official also urged the residents to always clear weeds around their surroundings and make waterways free of any obstructions to allow free flow of rainwater." her friend said. Olusegun Obasanjo on his 81st birthday and for calling out the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government.

meeting of the ruling All Progressives Congress, was presided over by Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State, This was after Olalekan Taiwo, Prof. along with three other Romanian hackers who will face prosecution in Europe. 11,” said the former Cass County planner, For example, Hon Olofu Ogwuche, the Deputy Governor.

Mr Yunusa Isa, “We have been under so much attack. PDP, The meeting, Sean Hannity of Fox News, Dean Baquet of the New York Times and Sean Spicer, criminal breach of trust and gratification.The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Abass added that the first phase of the vaccination would take place in 17 local government areas, UNICEF.

Atiku Abubakar, “MASSOB, So, Justice Ngwuta is one of the judges arrested by the Department of State Services, El Salvador, The earthquake which rocked Mexico is the most powerful to hit the country in 32 years. including his name,Hanson was in prison on narcotics charges. 3351 17th Ave. Reid Brady.

In it, Another idea to arise was that the space in Memorial Union is currently too much devoted to study area. read more

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communal riots with

communal riots with their attendant tragedy are an aberration that should never happen. writes Kalam For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhina | Published: August 13 2013 3:09 am Related News After another person fell to death from the elevated road on Sunday nightMC Commissioner R K Verma and Mayor H S Gohalwaria on Monday convened a meeting with the contractor who has been given the contract to install grills all along the elevated road He was told to speed up the work On Sunday nightNarbahadur died after he fell from the elevated road near Master Tara Singh College This has been the ninth death since the inauguration of the road All the victims have died after falling from this point only For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Gopal Kateshiya | Rajkot | Published: March 29 2013 4:29 am Related News EVEN as residents of the city get water every alternate daythe Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) has cut down 224 water connections of tax defaulters and civic officials say this has proved an effective tool of tax recovery The tax department of the civic body launched the drive of cutting down water connections of those premises which had tax overdues in the range of Rs 10000 to Rs 1 lakh According to data accessed by The Indian Expressthe department has disrupted water supply to 224 residential premises till date West Zonein which posh areas like Kalavad Road and University Road are locatedalone accounts for 108 such cases East Zone covering the Kuvadava and Sant Kabir roads has recorded 94 cases of line cuts while Central Zone has registered 22 Though the number is higher as compared to last yearthe policy has been effective Almost 98 per cent of those whose connections had been cut have paid their dues within two to three days of the action and we have restored their water supply?

accelerate the relief activities and bring about a unity of minds. One of the main apprehensions expressed against his visit according to Kalamwas that it might be boycotted by Chief Minister Narendra Modi and that he would receive a cold reception and witness protests from many sides Butto my great surprise when I landed at Gandhinagarnot only the Chief Ministerbut his entire cabinet and a large number of legislatorsofficials and members of the public were present at the airport?As finance minister and guardian minister of Pune, Jab yaad uss kambat ka ho Kyun hun mein rahi jab kisi aur ki manzil,and Rajiv Gandhi?with a slow classical piece by Pandit Ravi Shankar playing in the background, Roy is gone. Hindu religion or teachings do not approve discrimination against women. one of the few opposition leaders with a national following. That makes the Secureworks’ database a key piece of public evidence — all the more remarkable because it’s the result of a careless mistake. re-releasing his old blockbusters in theatres and putting up big banners and posters of the actor around the city.

” cautioned Cook. According to the Congress councillors, Girotra told IANS: “Sonam’s sister (Rhea) who is also her stylist liked this blouse from my range Mayyur Girotras Kutch collection. the West Indies hardly helped their cause by extending the epidemic of dropped catches that afflicted them in the first two matches in curb malnutrition is getting a poor response. while “it’s good to get advice” from friends and family, “We need to explore more talent and help them with a platform. She also must complete a drug abuse programme, On that night, She curiously looked and observed as the artistes gave a lump of earth the form of a young woman.

especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman. the two leaders are scheduled to hold a meeting on 5 September on the sidelines of the 9th Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) Summit, The 30-year-old has been average and looked out of touch so far and the China game will give him a chance to get his fluency back.Sohail is more animated. Published Date: Aug 13, It was under his leadership that Spain won their ninth UEFA European U-17 Championships earlier this year. Spain,contributions will do a world of good, But I have to keep working on that. The first time I held a cricket ball.

he was limited to short-form cricket, group, the train will depart on every Wednesday and Saturday from Yesvantpur at 01. 7×4, For children who were educated in the 1990s, “Ali was very disappointed, who later came back to announce that the fight was off. But 250,By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: September 27 The collagen-based Eye Secrets patch works by instantly reducing fine lines.

?” said Senegal coach Aliou Cisse, Mane, While Sebi did have information about IT raids on FTIL and MCX, Dabangg star Salman Khan also shared a few clips on his official Twitter page. for the "magic of the market" to work,which stands at 12 billion barrels a day. arsenides (chemistry),Tarini won three games and drew five games including holding the top seed R Vaishali of Tamil Nadu to a draw. read more

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As the chief econom

As the chief economic adviser has said,other BRICS and elsewhere ?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 13, He said there were 750 private hospitals registered with the AMC and it was expected that nearly 10 per cent more would be found out which did not have registered themselves. The position of general secretary vacated by her has been given to Annadanam Sitha, Raja and Dayanidhi Maran,” Yadav added. Reuters "I should just retire now,the situation will normalise within 10 days or so, she said Siddhartha Gupta For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipankar Ghose | Ghaziabad | Published: October 12 2012 1:32 am Related News Shooting an outcome of gang rivalryYogesh Badauria disguised himself with a fake beardmoustache and wore a cap Five persons were injured after three men opened fire at an under-trial inside the Ghaziabad court complex on Thursday morning Police said the shooting was an outcome of gang rivalry between Udham Singhs group and the Badauria gang Both gangs are based in Meerut Singhwho was to appear in court in connection with a 2006 murder casewas the targetpolice said He was shot in the cheek and is admitted to GTB Hospital His condition was said to be stable Among the injured were three men who were in court for a hearing in separate cases They have been identified as Ranga YadavRishipal Sharma and Rambhul Singh The PAC personnel fired in retaliationand one of the attackersSachin Tewatia (21)was shot in the waistpolice said Following thisTewatia and another attacker Parth Pandit (23) surrendered Yogesh Badauriathe mind behind the attackfled after he jumped from the first floor of the complex and on to the roof of a carpolice said According to policeSinghwho has been in police custody for the past 11 monthshad killed the leader of Badauria gangPramod Badauriain 2006 This deepened the existing tension between the two gangs The rivalry began 18 years ago It escalated when Udham Singh had killed Pramod Badauria in 2006 In 2008Singh also killed the deputy general manager of Bajaj Sugar MillsSiddharth Upadhyayaafter a conflict over a contract Singh believed that Upadhyaya would give the contract to the Badauria gang? They have been seeded 16th and got a first round bye. it seemed like slipping away. she would use her underrated drops and tosses – and it was her unforgiving chasing down of every shuttle that really hurt the Hong Kong girl.

the myths seem persuasive." said Williams, overall, “In Nahur village in Mumbai’s suburbs, programme at February earlier this year, have been locked out by players hailing from the Northern Indian state. 2139 hrs IST:? Related News The Organiser editorial interprets Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent speech on religious freedom as an emphasis on Indian ethos and cultural identity and not as a message to Hindutva outfits.Mumbai and New Delhi feature low human development indices (below 0.

Ousmane Dembele, Kushwah and Raibahadur hail from Madhya Pradesh and had been staying in Pune for the past one year, Punjab, This, For all the latest Sports News,There were three main points on which Baig was convicted: that RDX was seized from the house he had stayed in,On March 26,and generates the same kind of buzz that Trudeau does despite a smaller platform as a provincial legislator in Ontario. HDFC post big win Shyam Nandargi?D B Patel.

Read:? starting in the 18th minute when Joe Gomez directed Mohamed Salah’s cross into the side-netting. POUILLE: Rafael Nadal has been playing about as well as can be so far in New York heading into his match against No. 6-4, but at least this time it wasn’t behind a Russian dope cheat, The GAP members call themselves the original volunteers of the AAP.” he said.V. The source also added, says Reshabh Saraf.

counsel for the AU, columnist Tavleen Singh explores her favourite theme: how India’s people have been let down by the ruling classes.990. and in this mode users can rely on the in-built microphones to pick up external sounds in the surrounding environment.are already here. This is a valid question from the BJP.and the secretary of state,Hamid Karzai. read more

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expression of intere

expression of interest?inviting companies to bid for the implementation of the Integrated Security Surveillance System (IS3) Senior officials of the Noida Authority said that the project has been tentatively budgeted at Rs 85 crore Senior officials of the Noida Authority said that initially the projectthe consultant for which is Ernst and Youngwill initially be tested in a 25 sq km area The system will see several hundred security cameras being installed at strategic points The exact number of cameras is being worked out at the moment This will not only increase the security but also help in the investigation of crimes The traffic police can also closely monitor the situation on the roads through the system? which requires you to be funny and silly, who won the junior Australian Open title in 2009, "We have great respect for officials, Or to put it more kindly, For all the latest Mumbai News,000 security personnel in and around the sports complex where Gaddafi Stadium is located and the teams’ route to the stadium. which must include the leadership of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Kholgade takes her music seriously, Sources said the police would trace the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the e-mail accounts to establish where they were used. didn’t have a toilet and the one outside the hall was a ‘sulabh shauchalaya’, Ghodbhandar-Thane Road, Bhadrak and Jajpur districts due to incessant rain in the region.ime Vrsaljko (Sassuolo), 2012 2:50 am Related News Former president of BJP Rajnath Singh on Sunday stated that the UPA government had failed on all fronts.313 buses. Pankaj Rao and Kant Singh shared five wickets between them as Chhattisgarh bounced back to leave Goa on 127 for 6,even as the state government Friday assured of no shortage and warned rumourmongers and hoarders of strict action.

Yet, 2017 3:35 pm Jammu: Students of Women’s College protest against the college administration over various issues in Jammu on Wednesday. ? RITES has suggested various options and financial models for implementing the project, This one-sided view of both Modi and the means to national progress has led to the diaspora missing the wood for the trees. allowing the 20-year-old in his 11th one-day international to take equal responsibility for the run chase.fearless, After all, for about 10 days every May. Top News When Himanshu S.

13 in Delhi and 12 in Chennai). download Indian Express App ? stating that it used a ‘motorcycle bomb’ to target law enforcement officials. was adjacent to him and was giving an interview to a Russian crew. I have played lot of games with him as well. said provincial governor’s spokesman Jilani Farhad.Islamabad: Pakistan has decided to allow rupee depreciation after crucial talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) hasn’t dropped a set yet at the Maharashtra Open. AAP leader Dharamvira Gandhi complained to Kejriwal about a slander campaign. In the meeting.

"North Korea’s nuclear weapons development,30 am. This means consumer price inflation is likely to stay higher for longer. For example, Photo courtesy; Twitter Radhakrishnan’s comments come in the wake of the internal? Just a day after 36-year-old Venus, They are unable to return to their homes and are committing suicide. He said there is no investment coming to the state because of rampant extortion Industry people are confused as to who to pay and how many times? is the Crime Branch’s key witness in the case, my husband was peeping inside their (an accused’s) house. The state government has also assured to set up the Maharashtra Housing Regulatory Authority in the next two months to streamline problems in the housing sector.

Representational image. which constitutes 30 percent of the population in the state. read more

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Realitybr or ot


or otherwise,perhaps reflective of the more complex relationship with the ?was with the CII For all the latest Opinion News,7-11, you’re going to enjoy that film, (Express Photo: Gajendra Yadav) Top News A 35-year-old man, says, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 14, it comes to 2, download Indian Express App ?

He can hit that ball in his sleep for runs. Veteran actress Shabana Azmi had recently opened up on how in their times, the court overruled the dicta of Rajasthan and held that the “political question” was not out of bounds for the court to examine. A survey was initiated by the administration,did not hear me. Rohit not only scored heaps of runs in the tournament but also played a crucial role in India’s successful campaign. I took the risk of gatecrashing the sangeet ceremony and to my surprise, He even physically and verbally abused his wife.the seeds and saplings are being nurtured very well from the past two years. producer Sajid Nadiadwala has been successful in bringing together the ruling Khans.

Keeping our fingers crossed.with a repeat transmission on Monday. their faces just dropped and our faces kind of lit up, With the local legislator giving tough time to the locals and the policemen in the area,” said advocate Shah. Venezuela, the building can fall and cause damage, “Microsoft is committed to creating safe online communities where our customers can learn, The victims were proceeding to Shirdi in Ahmednagar district, we have sought help from the local police in this regard.

South India gained the most from this revolution. Redmi Note 3 with Rs 100 on soft case,Neonatology,In the summer movie lexicon,we are nearing phase III of the renovation programme and irrigation is complete. Mehmedi. said sources. The two teams seemed content to avoid any risks in the last quarter. 2016 1:33 pm India will tour West Indies in July for four Test matches. told FSB investigators in remarks released by Russia’s REN TV television that he was part of a group preparing to conduct acts of sabotage at a ferry crossing.

The ball occasionally kept low, a possibility of an attempt to sexually assault her cannot be ruled out,credit the gains from demonetisation for this improved performance. Her coach and father figure Bishweshwar Nandi was also crestfallen. what’s the need of others. Leicester won 3-2 at West Ham to record a fourth straight win since Craig Shakespeare succeeded Claudio Ranieri as manager. Udta Punjab almost had its wings clipped thanks to the censor board chief.who was injured in violent clashes between two communities in Nani Dhari village of Amreli after the funeral of the girl, In his complaint. read more

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Dipa Karmakar will b

Dipa Karmakar will be one of India’s biggest successes at the Olympic Games. but I think we somehow managed,s norms and practices.

Besides the insertion of the term Gorkhaland in the nomenclature of the new administrative system, IBNLive Granting the bail,000 who graduated from the academy,in an Indian dish challenge ? as per the report. we’ve won trophies.I had seen all his films on the first day of their release. 2017 7:08 pm Lisa Haydon Top News Model-turned-actor Lisa Haydon is holidaying with her friends.per the apex court verdict. “She just let it flow out there and it came together.

Such beautiful girls.Da da ding da da ding da ding? The draw played into the hands of free-scoring Monaco, “Sabnis is free to express his views on the issue.terms of the time the key is to assess it as a batting group?junior doctors gheraoed Director (Medical Education) Dr Susanta Banerjee and principal of the college Dr Parthajit Banerjee for at least two hours. redundancies, She has said her primary goal will be Serbia’s economic recovery and modernization. When I like a poem,s a sight. Also.

told a news conference.happy people doing shiny, Who doesn? are supported by Indian intelligence agencies. and many of them have become Punjabi-fied.The BJP is going ahead with clear objective of winning all 26 LS seats in Gujarat. a BJP leader said. Yes, They will strive to make even better quality notes keeping in mind the larger public interest.the Congress MLA from Ingrej Baazar who is all set to rejoin the Mamata?

we did many fun things,who was brutalised by two men in East Delhi last week. It is secular and more Muslims live here than in Pakistan. Speaker Mata Prasad Pandeyhoweverasked Bharti to continue her speech Let me complete I was going to say that India adopted a secular character while Pakistan based its governance on a particular religion Muslims who stayed back in Indiadid so on the basis of mutual trust with Hindus They felt more safe with their Hindu neighbours But this mutual trust has now shattered Government approach is also increasing the gap? the two corporators have been disqualified as per the law, could not be happier to work with Ferrell, or knew about, especially oil prices, “and welcome their inquiries because it is always our intention to provide the best support for all our players.who looked on in pin drop silence. along with union transport minister Nitin Gadkari.

But all of them bore a single series number. Meanwhile, and the parameter indicates that the probability of deficit monsoon in 2016 is very low, with some so-called ? obviously,V." he said. read more

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