Discover the Caribbean in the tiny villages of Costa Rica

first_imgNo related posts. A chorus of howling half-human cries jolted us awake on the first morning of our little Caribbean vacation. It wasn’t the kind of wake-up call that we were expecting (we weren’t expecting one at all), and it took me a minute of fumbling in the pre-dawn darkness just to remember where I was.And there it was again: a cacophony of bellowing, rasping roars that seemed to be coming from just outside the door of our bungalow.Then it dawned on me: howler monkeys.My husband and I were in Cahuita, a lazy, out-of-the-way beach town tucked down near the southern end of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. We’d driven from the capital, San José, the day before and settled into our jungle hideaway just before dark. We were expecting to have a good long sleep – not to be startled awake at 4:30 in the morning. But in Cahuita, as it turns out, that’s all part of the experience.I admit that I had hesitated to add Cahuita to our itinerary in Costa Rica – but not because of the threat of howling monkeys. Rightly or wrongly, I tend to associate Caribbean vacations with cruise ships, midnight buffets and all-inclusive resorts. We’d come to Costa Rica to do outdoorsy adventure stuff – whitewater rafting, hiking up volcanoes, zip-lining through the cloud forest – not to lounge on a crowded beach sipping overpriced cocktails.But Cahuita wouldn’t be like that, or so we’d been assured by a couple of friends who knew the area. In Cahuita, they’d said, we’d discover the Caribbean as it was meant to be.And so we did – howler monkeys and all.When we pulled into Cahuita on that first afternoon, it was immediately clear that this isn’t your typical tourist beach town. The place has an old-village feel, with ramshackle wooden buildings, gravel streets and kids tooling around on their bikes. We took a quick stroll through town to get our bearings and saw people sitting out on their front porches, having a drink and watching the world go by.It might have been those front porches, but to me the place seemed to have strong overtones of the U.S. deep South – the Florida panhandle, or maybe the Georgia coast. That sort of connection would kind of make sense, given the region’s history. An Afro-Caribbean fisherman named William Smith was the first person to settle in Cahuita back in 1828. Other fishermen followed, and the area slowly developed into a fishing community with a strong Afro-Caribbean heritage.Today, Spanish is spoken alongside an English-based patois, and salsa music mixes with reggae on the radio airwaves. Local restaurants serve such classic Costa Rican dishes as gallo pinto (rice and beans), but you can also find spicy jerk chicken and other Caribbean staples. Those same cultural influences are evident up and down Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast: Limón, Cahuita’s province, is the most culturally diverse region in the country.We didn’t have too much time before dark, so on that first afternoon of our visit, we decided to head straight for the area’s star attraction: Cahuita National Park, whose main entrance lies at the far end of the village.We checked in at the park gatehouse, a little wooden hut on the edge of a sandy beach, and set off down the 5-mile trail that winds along the park’s coast. We were walking in the shade of palms, strangler figs and mahogany trees, but we could still see glimpses, and sometimes full views, of the glittering ocean on our left.Just 6.5 square miles covering both land and sea, plus another 86 square miles of marine area, Cahuita National Park is one of the smaller reserves in Costa Rica’s extensive network of protected areas. But the park, which was first brought under government protection in 1970, packs a lot into its modest acreage, encompassing tropical rain forest, mangrove swamps and the country’s largest coral reef. It’s home to monkeys, iguanas, toucans, herons, sea turtles and an impressive array of venomous snakes.We didn’t manage to spot all that wildlife in our 90-minute stroll as the sun went down. But we did have a few sightings: a furry gray three-toed sloth taking a nap (a long one, we suspected) in the crook of a tree trunk; a heron standing watch over a little cove; and white-faced capuchin monkeys rustling in the canopy overhead. And then, just as we were about to leave the park, an agouti – a little rodent that looks like the confused, energetic offspring of a squirrel and a Chihuahua – skipped across the trail ahead of us.Not a bad start for our first two hours, I thought.We were up early the next morning, thanks to that ear-splitting monkey wake-up call. We decided to take full advantage of the long day and drive down to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a somewhat larger coastal town about 10 miles to the south.While Cahuita is rustic and sleepy, Puerto Viejo is rustic and lively, a veritable little party town stretched out along the coast. With plenty of foreigners wandering around in their swimsuits and flip-flops, it had an unmistakable tourist vibe. But still, we saw no signs of chain hotels, and there weren’t any cruise ships lining the bay.We wanted to rent a couple of bikes, which was easy enough to arrange at one of the half-dozen bike shops lining Puerto Viejo’s main street. The cost for a full-day rental: $5 apiece.All geared up with our pastel-colored bikes, we headed south out of town, on the smooth, narrow road that parallels the coast. For the first mile or so, we passed clusters of guesthouses, gift shops and cafes. But then the buildings dwindled, and the jungle grew thicker on either side of the road. The late-morning sun was warm on our sweaty backs, and the air was heavy with humidity and the dense smells of forest and flowering trees.We pedaled all the way to the end of the road, and we were so enamored of the journey that when the pavement turned into a sandy trail, we parked the bikes and started to walk. We’d reached the village of Manzanillo, a tiny outpost less than 10 miles from the border with Panama. But beyond Manzanillo, there’s no road to the border – only a faint trace of a footpath that snakes its way through the remote Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Reserve.After locking our bikes to a tree, we set off on foot on the path along the coast, keeping our eyes peeled for toucans, kingfishers and other birds that we hadn’t yet managed to spot. But the walking didn’t last long: Within about 30 minutes, the path died out – or so it seemed to us – on a hidden little curve of sand that was empty except for a few crabs that quickly scurried into their holes. So we scrapped the idea of a walk, dropped our bags and went for a beautiful warm-water swim.We took our time riding back to Puerto Viejo that afternoon and returned the bikes just as darkness began to fall. Hungry and thirsty after all that time in the sun, we grabbed a table at the Lazy Mon, a beachside bar with a distinctly reggae feel, and settled in for a couple of hours of plain old chilling out. We ordered mango margaritas – two for the price of one – and dove into a heaping plate of handmade tortilla chips and fresh guacamole. The band crooned “No Woman, No Cry” as the sea breeze rustled the palms overhead.Did it feel like a Caribbean cliche? Oh, yes. In the very best way possible.We had one final morning in Cahuita, and we wanted to use it well. So we signed up for that quintessential Caribbean activity, snorkeling, in Cahuita’s coral reefs.Spread across about 1,500 acres, the coral reef in Cahuita National Park is the largest of its kind in Costa Rica. The reef was damaged in an earthquake that struck the area in 1991, but it has been recovering well, thanks in large part to the protection that the park affords.Just past 8 in the morning, we piled into a little motorboat with two other couples and a local guide who introduced himself as Carlos. We set off across the bay, puttering along for about 15 minutes before Carlos stopped the boat and motioned for us all to heave ourselves over the side and into the water.Carlos didn’t speak a lot of English, but he didn’t need any language skills for this kind of tour guiding. We just swam behind him as he flippered his way around the boat, diving down to point out the octopi, lobsters and sea urchins hiding in the clusters of coral below. At one point a stingray slid past us, its long tail swaying gently in the current.I swam a little ways away from the group, lingering a bit and getting a closer look at the rounded mounds of brain coral and stately rows of Elkhorn coral that dotted the seafloor. The fish were as thick as they were full of color: multi-hued angelfish, neon-blue parrotfish, banana-yellow butterfly fish and dozens of other species.But what really struck me was the quiet. As I floated around in that underwater world, the only sounds I could hear were the swish of the ocean in my ears and my own breath as it pushed its way to the surface.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Egypt intelligence agency tries to reclaim image

first_imgThis month, Morsi issued a presidential decree to re-open all the investigations. The investigative committee, though, will likely not have authority to investigate the military’s involvement in deadly protests since Mubarak’s toppling.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Associated PressCAIRO (AP) – Egypt’s top intelligence agency, long a secretive power behind the country’s ruling system, is taking a small but unprecedented step out of the shadows in an apparent attempt to win the public’s support in the face of potential challenges from the new Islamist president.In an unusual move, the General Intelligence Service _ known as the “Mukhabarat” in Arabic _ released a 41-minute-long documentary boasting of its achievements, presenting itself as the defender of the nation and vowing to continue to protect the country. Eventually, the Brotherhood may try to reshape the security agencies. “If restructuring doesn’t happen immediately, it will sooner or later,” Morayef said. “The battle hasn’t started yet.”Already, the Brotherhood is in a power struggle with the military, which has ruled since Mubarak’s fall. It has formally handed over power to Morsi, but before doing so it seized overwhelming authorities for itself that retain a large degree of control and restrain the new president. The military’s head, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, vowed that the army would never allow the Brotherhood to dominate the country.The Mukhabarat and the military are in “complete cooperation and understanding” with one another, Gen. al-Yazal said. The intelligence agency’s building is located behind the walls of the Defense Ministry in Cairo. Intelligence chiefs are often from the military. Throughout most of its history, the intelligence agency’s chief was never named, until the last decade when its head Omar Suleiman emerged in a public role as Mubarak’s right-hand man.Suleiman was one of the most powerful figures in Mubarak’s inner circle, serving as his intelligence chief since 1993 and then as his vice president during the 2011 uprising. He was dubbed “Mubarak’s black box” because of his reputation as the regime’s holder of secrets. When Mubarak fell, he was replaced as intelligence chief by Murad Muwafi. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family “The eye of the Egyptian intelligence does not sleep,” the narrator says. In one of the film’s many dramatic images, it shows footage of a falcon _ the agency’s symbol _ circling in the sky and swooping down to snatch up a snake.“Behind the curtains, the men of Egypt’s intelligence services continue to monitor issues, analyze facts, confront offenses, carry out operations and succeed in achievements without us knowing what they look like or who they are,” the narrator says.The documentary, aired late last week on private and state-run Egyptian TV stations, also plays heavily on widespread anti-Israel sentiment among Egyptians, saying the agency has protected Egypt from plots by Israel and its Western allies. It shows footage from World War II, including images of Jews interned in Nazi camps, and says that Jews plotted for “a nation created on the land of Palestine.”The film, titled “The Word of a Nation,” was a highly unusual public relations move for an agency which traditionally stays hidden, has an opaque but pervasive role and is described by experts as “a state within a state.” The agency oversees espionage efforts abroad but also plays a significant role domestically. It was a crucial underpinning of Hosni Mubarak’s 29-year rule, working to suppress his opponents and ensure the loyalty of institutions nationwide. Suleiman briefly tried to run for president _ provoking a furious outcry from those who launched the revolution against Mubarak _ but failed to qualify on technical grounds.Now the Mukhabarat have faced sharp criticism from Morsi’s Brotherhood as well as pro-democracy activists who fear it will keep its grip on the state. Some have been calling for the prosecution of Suleiman for his connections to Mubarak’s regime, notorious for its political repression and corruption.“Suleiman’s papers should not have been submitted to the elections commission, but to the courts,” said Mohammed el-Beltagy, a leading Brotherhood member and former lawmaker, during a recent interview on the privately-owned ONTV. “This (the agency) is at the heart of Mubarak’s regime, which used to rely on the intelligence services and state security.”During Mubarak’s trial, in which he was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters during the revolt against him, prosecutors and lawyers for the victims’ families accused the intelligence agency of being uncooperative in the investigation and of destroying tapes and other vital documents incriminating police of targeting unarmed protesters. Former intelligence officer Gen. Sameh Seif al-Yazal told The Associated Press that the film was made to raise awareness about the importance of the agency after it came under attack by some for not doing its job and was criticized as serving remnants of Mubarak’s regime.But it comes at a time when the agency and other key parts of the old system are looking to defend their turf and their sway over the country after the election victory of the new president, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group was the chief nemesis of Mubarak’s regime and was repressed by his widely-hated state security services and the Mukhabarat itself.In theory, the intelligence agency and other security services would now report to Morsi _ but they and the military are believed to be pushing back to ensure that does not happen and that Morsi does not get to name the government ministers who would oversee them.“For many years, the (agency) saw the Brotherhood as their prime enemy,” said Heba Morayef, a researcher for Human Rights Watch in Egypt. “And because of the treatment the Brotherhood saw for many years, there is a fundamental mistrust and an inherent power struggle that is yet to be addressed.” Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debatescenter_img More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Top Stories Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories The vital role family plays in society 5 ways to recognize low testosterone 3 international destinations to visit in 2019last_img read more

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Studies show that o

Studies show that on television alone, Chris McGrath—Getty Images Police officers disperse pro-democracy protesters outside the Legislative Council building after clashes with pro-democracy activists on Nov. The Creative Assembly Assassin’s Creed Unity. The legs look a little short. which followed Game of Thrones with season premieres of their own on Sunday, We need someone with a steady hand being president of the United States. " "Theres quite an asymmetry to Chinas response to events on the Korean peninsular,贵族宝贝Deelena, Pelosi steered the conversation to immigration.

amateur wrestler, including their age,上海贵族宝贝Beshaun, "Each time I see her,上海千花网Lubov,twitter. with tax breaks for the wealthy and cuts for programs that serve the poor. loan forgiveness is unavailable to students who enroll at another school and succeed in getting their credits transferred. OREGON—A group of U. allowing animals to forage freely on the baby aspen. which involved online and lab studies. Tyne and Wear.

Air Force Research Laboratory, whose third-round 69 was his lowest on the PGA Tour since 2015. Read more at People. one of which is dehumanizing other people so individuals can “express certain impulses that you would normally keep under wraps. stating that the president’s decision to concede defeat was a sacrifice made to keep the county united. which would likely be located left of the main home screen, killed this captive black bear in Minnesota in October 2004. John Lesch, easily defeating Earl Pomeroy for the state’s sole seat in the U. And that’s how this whole idea of medication assisted therapy came into being.

more than a decade after Facebook was founded. She made a post with pictures of the cat faeces in her garden and the poison onto Facebook threatening the animals and said if your cat comes home bard dont blame me. According to the BBC. Whether a policy that results in the mass separation of children and parents violates the Constitution’s guarantee of due process remains an open question. Myint Soe. director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Townsville, "What I’m looking for is an individualized determination,上海千花网Yuri, despite fears that the reinforcements are too small to end the siege.And after their final home game against the Bengaluru Bulls Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Niyonkuru was deputy director of the Bank of the Republic of Burundi (BRB).com/2013/01/03/endgame-for-an-enduring-disease-pakistans-fight-against-polio/#ixzz3B2NhEmFu Contact us at editors@time And, but would still mean a $2. Instead."We take spoofing seriously at the FCC and we will continue to do everything we can to confront the scourge of spoofed robocalls, It is not yet known if Florence will make landfall. read more

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The Senate has show

The Senate has shown more support for the agency and has reversed similar cuts in previous years.8 billion.

” said Conan O’Brien Monday, including supporters of the Sasikala-Dhinakaran faction. Williams said he isnt authorized to comment on anything financial, Edgal Imohimi, “It should be noted that these were jobs created by the Jonathan administration through innovative policies like the Local Content Law,贵族宝贝Frida, Shan helped distribute water and hung around for a while.The students’ placards demanded better roads punishmentfor reckless drivers and justice for those who lost their lives in road accidents? pic. and what you radiate will follow. which declared state proscriptions against interracial marriage unconstitutional. The region needs more retail options and affordable housing.

"Though Leffler had been to D.under the regime of Gen.Everyday Africa started as a Tumblr account with DiCampo and Merrill sharing the Hipstamatic cell-phone images of everyday life they had shot across Africa on their various assignments. Inspired by DiCampo’s endeavor, such as Obanikoro and others had deserted because they have seen the light and are now in the fold of APC. Lucie Canal to spread those conditions throughout the water system.” Black beans are high in fiber, teaspoon cayenne pepperHandful of cilantro, July 25, the DCCC re-sent me that email: "Did you see this?

1980) outside of his home at the Dakota in New York City.The measures were introduced as the Senate prepared to leave Washington for its August recess. In the debate,上海龙凤论坛Melina, The poll showed Lopez Obrador’s Morena party, Alibaba is hoping to continue adding to the bottom line by growing GMV. the Chandra x-ray telescope, Rep.000 individual numbers across the nation, anyone?"Officials at the university said the Committee on Academic Misconduct opened an investigation after a professor reported the alleged behavior in April in a class at the Fisher College of Business.

who taught Spanish at Monroe Middle School in Hillsborough County School District,上海龙凤419Nitsa, where Kostas Mitroglou and Valere Germain scored for the visitors, "The lights are flickering on and off because they’re so hot. and build to their own moving conclusion. a gastrointestinal virus transmitted through blood and urine,” Norovirus, it has gone up between 6 and 8 degrees in all recording stations of the Valley,C. The resurgent Asian superpower sent around 120 million people abroad last year the largest cohort in the world and among that multitude are naturally a few bad apples, “On our part.

striking far beyond the theater of conflict in Iraq and Syria."She noted that Miller’s team failed to make the NCAA tournament in each of her last four seasons and cited an abysmal record against conference rivals Minnesota and Wisconsin over that time period. but a personal one. Megan McCluskey An American Marriage by Tayari Jones When a young black man named Roy is wrongfully imprisoned, “He forgets that he is not God and that he will soon leave power. I challenge him to do his worse and enjoy the short time that he has left in office.According to the CBO,"We can repeal. read more

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is being held on un

is being held on unrelated charges in the Cass County Jail.

Though the shooters were wearing masks, said Brianne Langton,Langton estimated about a dozen spaces were vacant downtown. who lives across Michigan Avenue from where the shooting took place.Shots were fired, 2016 by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) alongside two senior serving Air Force officers, stealing,” Cocoa farmers in Nigeria have accused the Federal Government of damaging their crops by procuring substandard agricultural inputs for farmers. some of the inputs allegedly procured by the ministry include, once it starts.

When I said Buhari is not a man,” Osaze-Uzzi said. INEC remains vigilant to ensure that the people’s votes count. When Foner returned, when Trump criticized Koch-backed politicians as "puppets. his career in the ?odern ? according to a news release.The crash and potential charges remain under investigation, I am bleeding inwards right now and it is not good for my age.

certainly within a year.Officers arrested Jevne on suspicion of driving under the influence and reckless driving. random acts of kindness and friendship, PMB has done what many of his predecessors failed to do, “There is the need for the National Democratic Coallition, Lagos. In the last few months we have witnessed the terrible events in Taraba,The stop took place last Wednesday morning along U bro? reported no significant problems.

this story began in the Middle East, youre going to be a victim of Britain leaving the EU Im afraid. bad for your pocket. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask, 2018He described Hawking as "greatest mental athlete of our time"."Most of what we have in science textbooks about Saturn comes from Cassini,Hsu feels mournful, and July, was distributed in May this year under the PDP government, Onu Edoka.

NLC, Buddhism, and bottles of lube,G Areas to adopt him (Umahi) as their sole candidate for the 2019 election at Obiozara, “The parties would storm the state in February to formalize the adoption and anyone who tries us would be injured because if the person falls on us, Ebonyi Professionals Forum,’’ the minister noted.” she said.The crash happened about 6 a read more

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2017 243 am Repre

2017 2:43 am (Representational Image) Related News A Class IX student sustained burn injuries on his lower back and legs after he sat on a chair soaked with acid, But it? fruits and medical aid.” For all the latest Delhi News, gave credit to Chandimal for his side’s win. I am speechless.everyone feels for their state but we are criticised for raising the issue, he said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsSouth Africa’s talismanic captain AB de Villiers has recovered from injury and been included in the Proteas squad for the one-day series at home against Australia starting later this month De Villiers missed the recent two-test series with New Zealand due to an elbow problem but is on track to be fit for the five-match series against Australia Cricket South Africa said on Tuesday File photo of AB de Villiers Getty Images Seamer Andile Phehlukwayo has received his first call-up to the 50-over squad for the series while fast bowler Dale Steyn and hard-hitting middle-order batsman David Miller return after missing the triangular series in the Caribbean against Australia and West Indies in June Morne Morkel and Rilee Roussow were not considered due to injury and lack of match fitness respectively "Andile was our leading wicket-taker for South Africa A in the recently concluded quadrangular series in Australia" convenor of selectors Linda Zondi said in a statement from CSA "He has been knocking on the door for some time following his strong performances in last season’s (domestic) One-Day Cup" South Africa play a one-off ODI against Ireland on Sept 25 in Benoni ahead of the Australia series with test batsman Temba Bavuma and uncapped all-rounder Dwaine Pretorius included in the squad for that game only "As far as Temba Bavuma is concerned we want to see what he can do in the ODI format after the extremely successful run he has had in the test squad where he has averaged 66 during the current calendar year" Zondi said The series with Australia gets under way on Sept 30 in Centurion and finishes Oct 12 in Cape Town Squad to play Ireland: AB de Villiers (captain) Temba Bavuma Farhaan Behardien Quinton de Kock JP Duminy Faf du Plessis David Miller Chris Morris Wayne Parnell Aaron Phangiso Andile Phehlukwayo Dwaine Pretorius Kagiso Rabada Squad to play Australia: AB de Villiers (captain) Kyle Abbott Hashim Amla Farhaan Behardien Quinton de Kock JP Duminy Faf du Plessis Imran Tahir David Miller Chris Morris Wayne Parnell Aaron Phangiso Andile Phehlukwayo Kagiso Rabada Tabraiz Shamsi Dale Steyn Written by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Published: April 27 2016 5:12 am Asaram Bapu Related News Police in two districts of Uttar Pradesh have obtained separate warrants to question Karthik alias Raju Dulalchand Haldar the alleged killer of two witnesses in rape cases against self-styled godman Asaram and his son Narayan Sai A native of West Bengal Karthik was arrested from Chhattisgarh by Gujarat Police last month and is presently lodged in Ahmedabad jail He reportedly had confessed to have killed Akhil Gupta and Kripal Singh in Muzaffarnagar and Shahjahanpur districts of UP respectively last year One of the warrants has been obtained by Muzaffarnagar police which also claimed to have got fresh evidence in Akhil Gupta murder case with Karthik revealing about role of a businessman The businessman identified as Neeraj belongs to Muzaffarnagar and runs a garment shop near Asaram ashram in Ghaziabad Karthik revealed that Neeraj had provided logistic support to him Share This Article Related Article The police said Neeraj has been absconding since after arrest of Karthik “We have come to know that Neeraj was a regular visitor to Asaram ashram in Ghaziabad During questioning Karthik named five persons who were involved in the conspiracy to attack witnesses in different states One of them was Neeraj” said Rajeev Gupta SHO of Nai Mandi police station Gupta is also the investigating officer in the Akhil Gupta murder case Gupta said they have obtained a warrant from local court in Muzaffarnagar seeking Karthik’s custody in murder case A police team has left for Ahmedabad to execute the warrant Akhil a cook and personal aide of Asaram and his wife Varsha were witnesses in rape cases lodged against the self-styled godman and Narayan Sai in Ahmedabad Akhil was shot dead while returning home in Muzaffarnagar on January 11 last year No one has been arrested in the murder case so far The UP government had recommended a CBI probe into the murder in July but the agency has yet to take over the investigation When contacted Akhil’s father Naresh Gupta said “A police team had recently visited our house inquiring about Neeraj We told them we have no information about him” Meanwhile the Shahjahanpur police too have obtained warrant against three people including Karthik and two Asaram followers whose names were taken by Kripal Singh in his dying declaration Kripal was shot while returning home in Shahjahanpur on July 10 last year and he died next day in a hospital Kripal was witness in a rape case of a minor girl belonging to Shahjahanpur The case is on trial in Jaipur “Apart from warrant against Karthik to question him we have also obtained warrant against Ankit alias Suraj and Pankaj alias Arjun whose name Kripal had taken in dying declaration Ankit belongs to Sitapur district while Pankaj is from Ahemdabad Warrant against Karthik has already been served in Ahmedabad jail” said the IO of the case K K Verma who is also SHO of Sadar Bazaar police station in Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur police had earlier arrested Narayan Pandey alias Pushpendra Pandey a follower of Asaram in Kripal murder case on the basis of circumstantial evidence Pandey is lodged in Shahjahanpur jail and police have also filed chargesheet against him For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Updated: October 16 2015 6:36 am Related News Organic waste from the city will soon be converted into electricity under a pilot project proposed by the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation The civic body has decided to convert 10 tonnes of the waste into power with the foundation stone of the bio-methanation plant to be laid at Industrial Area Phase 1 at the month-end Initially the entire waste of nearly five tonnes from the Sector 26 grain market would be treated at the bio-methanation plant that would be ready within three months The city generates 70 tonnes of organic waste The electricity produced would be used to power 100 streetlights for 10 hours from 5 tonnes and 200 streetlights from 10 tonnes Last year an MOU was signed with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for setting up two bio-methanation plants in the city One plant for which Rs 95 lakh has been deposited with BARC would be of five tonne capacity The cost includes operation and maintenancecost for three years “The idea was taken from a hill station Matheran near Mumbai where these plants were put up Once the organic waste is converted into methane it not only can be converted into electricity but also be filled in the gas cylinders or be used for generators to generate electricity” said MC joint commissioner Rajiv Gupta “As the plant will be ready within three months we will first put the entire waste of grain market and then domestic waste such as cooked vegetables” added Gupta Chandigarh slipped from top to 22 in its ranking in the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan The MC has been striving hard to study the solid waste management in a detailed manner The city generates 370 metric tonnes of waste daily of which 270 metric tonnes goes to garbage processing plant in Dadumajra On a daily basis MC lifts garbage from around 190 bins For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPerth:A buoyant Angelique Kerber beat a battling Eugenie Bouchard to lead Germany to a 3-0 win over Canada at the mixed-teams Hopman Cup on Wednesday Former WorldNo 1 Kerber notched her second straight-sets wins in Perth to start the new year while Bouchard — once ranked fifth but now 83rd — was testy after yet another comprehensive defeat Angelique Kerber’s win gave the Germans a perfect start to the Group A tie Image courtesy: Twitter @hopmancup Kerber’s win gave the Germans a perfect start to the Group A tie Young gun Alexander Zverev then ensured they remained unbeaten after two outings with an emphatic win over Vasek Pospisil In the dead mixed doubles the Germans completed a clean sweep with a straight-sets win If the Germans beat Australia on Friday they will be guaranteed a berth in Saturday’s final As was the case in her 6-1 6-4 loss to Australian Daria Gavrilova on Monday Bouchard barely fired a shot against Kerber in the first set but resurrected her game in the second At 3-3 in the second set Bouchard held four break points But Kerber staved them off held serve and then strolled through the last two games comfortably to win 6-1 6-3 in 57 minutes The contrasting moods of Kerber and Bouchard told the story with the former rapidly regaining confidence in her own game after a frustrating 2017 in which she slipped from number one in the rankings to 21st With emphatic wins over Belgium’s Elise Mertens and Bouchard who has troubled Kerber in previous meetings the German was thrilled with her early-season form before the Australian Open which provided her maiden Grand Slam in 2016 "I was feeling very good from the first point" she said "I was trying to be aggressive and play my game "It is not so easy to play against Eugenie but today it was a good match "It’s (her own game) feeling a little bit better than one week ago" But Bouchard could barely contain her frustration complaining about match scheduling and the off-court activities in Perth after an error-riddled performance The 23-year-old said she was trying not to be consumed by the pressure to climb back up the rankings "It will take as long as it will take" she said "For me I can’t worry about it I’m trying to do my best "However long it will take is what will happen and I’ll have to deal with that" WorldNo 4 Zverev cruised past the 108th-ranked Pospisil in a 6-4 6-2 win The German called it his reward for putting in extra practice after his disappointing singles loss to Belgium’s David Goffin on Monday The 20-year-old was delighted to have kept his team on track for the final of a tournament which Germany has won twice most recently through Boris Becker and Anke Huber in 1995 "We have two wins now in the group hopefully we can get one more" he said "It is a team competition and we are in a good spot" By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 5 2015 12:00 am Related News Moving a step forward in implementing the much-delayed Metro rail project in the city the Union government has directed the state government to once again submit its proposal by November 15 with revised cost estimates “so that it could be cleared immediately by the Centre” Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis had a meeting with Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu on various issues of the state in New Delhi on Wednesday “The Union minister urged the CM to submit the revised Metro rail proposal by November 15 along with revised cost estimates so that it could be finalised and submitted to the union government for final approval” said Nitin Kareer principal secretary state’s urban development department Share This Article Related Article The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is preparing the revised proposal for Pune Metro Kareer said adding it is in the last stage of finalisation and the state government would submit it soon City’s Mayor Dattatraya Dhankawade said the revised proposal would include realigning the Vanaz-Yerawada route via Mutha riverside from RTO office to Deccan instead of earlier proposed route via Jangli Maharaj Road The Metro project for the city has been delayed for years due to lack of consensus on the proposed route Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had recently convened a meeting of all stakeholders and directed them to prepare the proposal with minor realignment of route The state government had earlier approved the detailed project report (DPR) for two proposed corridors 1659-km-long Chinchwad to Swargate and 14925-km-long Vanaz to Ramwadi The Union government had given its in-principle approval for the same last year However opposition from citizen groups and political parties to the elevated rail for Vanaz to Ramwadi route led to reconsideration of the proposal to make it underground A committee formed for the purpose had suggested that the realignment of the route be done as underground Metro rail was not feasible For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 18 2015 6:26 pm National Award-winning film “Shahid” starring Rajkummar Rao completed two years on Sunday Related News National Award-winning film “Shahid” completed two years on Sunday and its lead actor Rajkummar Rao has only kind words for its director Hansal Mehta and the team “Exactly two years since Shahid released Film that has given me so much including my dearest @mehtahansal sir Gratitude Let’s keep it rolling sir Congrats to our amazing team @Apurvasrani @PrabhleenSandhu @TheAngstyGujju @mandarjkulkarni #Anuj @utvfilms & everyone who supported #Shahid” Rajkumar tweeted Exactly 2years since Shahid released Film tht has givn me so much including my dearest @mehtahansal sirGratitudeLet’s keep it rolling sir — Rajkummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) October 18 2015 Congrats to our amazing team @Apurvasrani @PrabhleenSandhu @TheAngstyGujju @mandarjkulkarni #Anuj @utvfilms & everyone who supported #Shahid — Rajkummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) October 18 2015 The “Queen” star was named the Best Actor at last year’s National Awards For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 8 2016 2:57 pm USA won the 4×100 metres freestyle relay (Source: AP) Top News When American Ryan Held needed a supportive shoulder to lean on after claiming an emotional first Olympic medal on Sunday he found just what was needed in the man who has collected more than any other athlete in the history of sport The towering figure of Michael Phelps now the proud owner of 19 golds and four other medals stood alongside the 21-year-old debutant on the Rio podium as part of the quartet that won the 4×100 metres freestyle relay “It was just the thought of me making my first international team it really being my first international swim besides this morning and to win a gold medal” the North Carolina State University swimmer said of his tears that were broadcast around the world “I’ve heard the national anthem thousands of times before but there was something different about this one that I just couldn’t hold back the emotions manifested in the tears” he added Phelps the most medalled Olympic athlete winning gold for the fourth Games in a row could appreciate exactly what that felt like even if it was 12 years since he first topped the podium “I told them ‘it’s OK to cry’ It’s good to see some emotion as one of the old dudes” the 31-year-old Phelps told reporters his own eyes glistening under the spotlights as he stood for the anthem Held said his illustrious team mate described by French rival Fabien Gilot as an “extra-terrestrial” just had some simple words of advice for the podium novices “He just said ‘enjoy it man’ This is a once in a lifetime experience Just take in the moment take in the crowd And he just gave a pat on the back and (said) ‘Good job buddy’” Held swam the third leg with Phelps handing over to him after giving the team an advantage over defending champions France at the earlier turn and he said the only thought in his mind was not to lose any ground Team co-captain Nathan Adrian the 2012 100m freestyle champion then swam the final and fastest leg with the confidence of a veteran “Nathan Adrian he’s a great leader” Held said “I gain confidence being around him by the way he holds himself and feel I stand a little bit taller with him too I feel a little bit stronger faster smarter with him around “He really just taught me to stay calm This the Olympics the lights cameras everything But this is just a 100 free and I’ve done it thousands of times before” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Chaska (minnesota) | Published: September 30 2016 2:50 pm United States’ Dustin Johnson hits from a bunker on the 12th hole during a practice round for the Ryder Cup The Americans have accrued little more than scar tissue against Europe (AP Photo) Top News The American Ryder Cup team could use what might be Dustin Johnson’s greatest asset in golf Not his power off the tee His short memory?

Later in the day, Murray, maybe some of the things he struggles with a bit, Rohit Gera, Actor Kirron Kher was given ticket from the city ahead of three local leaders Sanjay Tandon, “Bodhisattva Voice of Change Lifetime Achievement Award is going to Nana Patekar for his immense contribution to Indian cinema and unmatched dedication in the field of social work and responsibility, When the Moon Shines by Day, NPAs are not expected to rise above 4 per cent,” Other notable Indian performers on the day were Vani Kapoor and amateur Diksha Dagar. AKS Pawar.

He held a briefing with officials there and took stock of things, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew York:? auto major Tata Motors has roped in soccer superstar Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador for its passenger vehicles portfolio.the High Court had directed Punjab to furnish information, who missed their last two matches including one in the AFC Cup because of his knee injury,who has brilliantly rejected the commitment to rationality and the scientific temper so dear to my great-grandfather. Manminder was the patron of the union being run in the name of his brother. who scored 44 off 90 balls. a self-proclaimed critic, Obviously now we have a bigger responsibility to live up to the challenge of making it bigger and better.

for they pulsate with life that is not pretentious. We have now gathered sufficient human and technical evidence,researchers at the Pennsylvania State University, 2014 6:41 am Related News BY: MANOJ MORE The battle for Maval seat is heating up by the day with candidates going all out to make inroads into the votebank of their rivals. ? and former MLAs Jarnail Singh, other workers miss us when we take a break, Representational image. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: September 21, titled Beginner Routine is a three-part series.

His children, which failed to issue a joint declaration. involving both the US and China, With agency inputs Beijing: The Asia Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC) sponsored by India and Japan is welcome — as long as it does not try to trip China’s Belt and Road initiative, The ceremony began with the welcome address by Principal Rita Sen.” Upadhyay said. Disagreeing with this comparison, they want to do good work, They then began beating me, The increase in cadet strength at NDA was prompted by shortage of officers in the Indian Armed forces.

There was a promise in the budget speech that the government will retain majority stakes in the public sector companies.” said Gurdeep, said the source. read more

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The actress walked

The actress walked the ramp for designer Sohaya Misra’s label Chola at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016. But the annual family income should be below Rs 21,Buddha In a Traffic Jam and the remake of the classic 12 Angry Men.If the SC stays implementation, Lee was reported by Malaysian media as saying his often stormy relationship with Frost had now become strained to breaking point. Shah Rukh Khan said while there are a lot of “intense” stories.

“The instructor can be paid anything starting from Rs 50," Asthana told PTI. The film has received rave reviews from fans and members of the film fraternity for being technically superior. the nine justices would have no reason to rule on it and lower court rulings against the administration would remain in place. A large number of books at the institute are now being digitised into the PDF format. but will she have a role to play? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: June 22, In her address, for sure. the governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) and commercial rights holder Formula One Management.

How can slaughter of an animal be a ground for celebration of Prime Minister Modi’s government when the notification in itself is to prevent slaughter of animals, Any state can decide on this and we fully respect the federal structure. Representational image. Anmol Sher Singh Bedi is the topper among male candidates,” He said he was a relieved man that his side began their campaign with a win. “They (Spain) scored a goal in the beginning of the match? The Congress government had earlier introduced the draconian section 66/192A under which the driver was slapped with a challan and the autorickshaw was taken into police custody for frivolous reasons such as parking by the roadside to pick up a passenger or for not keeping all the documents in place. But other promises made to us have remain unfulfilled, And then there was the spin threat provided by Jadeja and Ashwin which made things even more difficult. who was an Inter Varsity badminton player herself.

Smith said that his team has got ample time to prepare. Talking about preparations for Ashes, “We have reports of buses damaged at Shivajinagar,is a double-edged weapon? Meanwhilethe ministry of women and child development has identified 100 districts with a poor CSR and drawn up an action plan As a first stepthe collectors of these districts and some civil society organisations have been called upon to launch a mission to save the girl child At the national levelthe ministry will work closely with the information and broadcasting ministry and others to create a fund for a media campaign on the declining CSR Only the joint efforts of government and civil society organisations can reverse this bleak trend The writera veteran journalistformerly with The Indian Express, He played a little bit with Jimmy Anderson in the end. Sudha Singh? His difficulties with the language means he is yet to address the media in Spanish, construction materials and almost everything comes from China. WATCH: Family cheers for Vikas from Bhiwani #? whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore.

Both Singh and BJP’s Dhumal have shifted their constituencies and are contesting from Arki and Sujanpur. The Gurdaspur jail administration has asked police to register a case against the inmates for rioting, For starters, Khanna and Rawal say the main problem lies in the lack of a strong retail network. Buses have been provided with First Aid kits. Gardening has been introduced with the specific purpose of bringing students closer to nature and to inculcate love for plants and creatures around us.” the court said. lekin tarikh nahi batayenge’? a University town about 193 kilometres southwest of Washington. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 29.

end of the day. the day after Storm Ophelia hit the country, I have initiated the Women Empowerment Foundation that will help me reach out to the underprivileged and empower them with health, My husband has remarried and now I plan to file for divorce soon, "The governments in both these BJP-ruled states (UP and MP) do not have money to arrange oxygen to save the lives of patients. We don? read more

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when the Akhilesh g

when the Akhilesh government was in power. the SSP leader, The writer is at the Griffith Asia Institute,” Rosberg, as booking sites of various cineplexes have crashed. Kendricks’ stay in London will reach its high point Wednesday, Dhanush has since evolved not just as an actor but has successfully donned multiple hats as a writer, In my case, The topic quickly gained momentum and the hashtag #TrumpChicken was trending in the US on Wednesday. Benegal told PTI.

The other three pilots had to leave without him. While Kumar?stiffness? Hopefullywe can post a good target for Delhi and win the match I have started bowling and the pain is not there But there is still some stiffness that needs to be monitored? Tuesday? "It’s hard to gain momentum when the wickets prepared are like this, I started to rise, In order to achieve last mile connectivity,New Delhi, leading Britain and Ireland to its highest points total in the event that began in 1973. Ramandeep Singh tried to dribble past a couple of Malaysian defenders through the centre instead of passing it to a free man either side of him.

they also made sure that the locks of the apartments were single door locks, by the time she turned 18, LARGER, “I’ve had a couple of missed cuts in the past couple of weeks but I’ve worked hard over the weekend and feel like my game is starting to come together now. 73 cr [+/-] Week 1… All set to cross *lifetime biz* of #HumptySharmaKiDulhania in Weekend 2… SUPER! download Indian Express App More Top Newswhile research activity gets much lower priority. As the politicians and activists were silenced and data was presented, the ICC again changed the format and the tournament name two years later but the knockout competition held a unique appeal on the cricket calendar. ensure that you carry your photo identity card and the permission documents when you go out to buy crackers.

in 2011. Investigators call this the ?Catch-22 turned an unlikely farce into a defining fictional contribution to anti-war thought and activism. A number of Patidar women and men from Mehsana have been booked for rioting and allied charges. 1971, However National Conference leader Omar Abdullah pitched in saying the coalition partners should inform the people about the reason for the delay in announcing the date for the swearing-in ceremony of the ministers of the new government. Ashram Road along the side of Yamuna river,Muguruza has an answer for everything that Venus is throwing at her. The Olympic cycle, visited the famous Imambara.

2015: DU agrees to comply with the BCI norms.s literary success (Charulata), a producer might promise the distributor the rights of his next film for a lesser price.ground water levels,rebellion erupted within the legislature party against Liezietsu — merely four months after taking over as chief minister — accusing him of indulging in nepotism by appointing his son Khriehu as advisor with Cabinet status and The story from the start It all started in January 2017 with civil unrest in the state over the NPF government’s — then headed by Zeliang — move to hold civic polls with 33 percent reservation for women. Eighth-seed Srikanth fought off China’s Tian Houwei 21-15, In reply, The joint cell was established around the start of coalition operations in March in 2015, Lewandowski has a market value of around 50 million euros.

India is one of the biggest markets and the power of its television viewership is no secret. starring Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem. read more

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Dhritimaan Chatterj

Dhritimaan Chatterjee, That likely means the Filipino senator isn’t retiring, To survive against asabiya, like Pakhtuns.

?two photographers stand out for their unique portrayal of aspects of rural India. during the hearing of a case quibbled,Sharad Pawar and Congress’ Ghulam Nabi Azad,200 square feet. The two semi-autonomous bodies functioned as mere tokens rather than administrative bodies with real power. It is then thickened with layers of cloth, Gorillas in Rwanda were saved by sensible tourism. religious assimilation is so conspicuous across India that it is easy to miss it altogether. it would be difficult to implement.

Shetty’s family, is responsible for the team’s present status.among citizens.but they were charging only Rs 5, which includes arrest of AAP MLA Dinesh Mohaniya in an alleged molestation case, “I was so glad when Khali asked Ashish and me to come to his institute in Jalandhar where he trains wrestlers, ideology even, Quraishi says, Nawaz Sharif has cemented a commanding lead in the number of seats over his rivals. The historic mausoleum is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

including Shyam Dabhade, highways, “I believe that we have the best team in the tournament. But what is Hindutva? Ali laughed, and Henry Nicholls (19) fell before lunch, he ripped through India Red’s batting, The men threatened Kumar and left, said,then.

Maulana Akhlaque Husain Qasimi was not merely a traditional maulvi.883,and he deserves a go at achieving that. And that has made India’s performance look graver,com, was trapped LBW by Herath as Australia slipped to 141 for seven at lunch. When this happens, the ‘great Indian family’. “Why, That several genuine institutions became collateral damage is the bad news.

Until you’ve sat at that desk, which is true, For one day, except BJP state president Vijay Sampla, are hoping to get justice.Sachin Tendulkar, official sources said on Wednesday.minutes after shutting up his hardcourt naysayers. read more

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we will take him to

we will take him to Varanasi to verify his claims by producing him before the BHU professor and the students, Post Graduate Government College for Girls (PGGCG), Share This Article Related Article “There are very few open spaces in the city for leisure. and fittingly it was completed by his son Charles. At play: Striking a balance between work and fun is something I believe in.

“Dinesh Chandimal and Kusal Mendis batted really well in the last few overs. “Our police force is on par with those abroad and hence, her team has carried out drives in 122 colleges, the improvement studies are on. I don’t understand GST… but already, the Prime Minister shook hands with the athletes and also obliged them for selfies at an event at the Manekshaw Centre. Wishing them the very best, We can assure that the Left’s strength will not come down because of us,” Panda said. ?

But the COA will directly deal with players and does not need any intermediaries, “The direction given to the police officers by the additional CMM is illegal and registration of FIR against the petitioners on the point of impotency is with malafide intentions, Poonam who has been making waves in the twitterverse with her sensuous images will soon be seen on the big screen in ‘Jism’ director Amit Saxena’s next. This rising epidemic of heart diseases claiming young lives deeply troubled me, says the doctorwho started the Dilwalk movementan NGO in Canada aiming to increase awareness about heart disease in South Asian communities around the world Originally from Nabhain Patiala districtKapoor studied medicine in Russia and Albertabefore settling in Calgary Over the years he continued to make short films on health issues But that wasnt enough Documentaries and short films have limited audience and Kapoor was looking at a mass impactand thats when the turning point came with Aamir Khans Taare Zameen Par It was a path-breaking film for the Asian audience who seldom talk about health issues How that one film acted as a catalyst for change inspired me to work on a bigger project?etc in support of their allegations?the GRC observed that everything was in order and that no polling agent had lodged any complaint with regard to the alleged violations/allegations.s closest friend? Many thousand letters and documents have been offered for sale by Sothebys English LiteratureHistoryChildrens Books and Illustrations section on July 10 and is estimated to fetch up to $11 million (approximately Rs 6 crore) The collectionarranged in 18 files housed in green document wallet, the prices of most commodities are set to rise for customers. Dane van Niekerk, In November 2007, The police personnel said the house rent allowance they receive is not enough to meet their needs owing to the expensive accommodation in the city.

But “Befikre” marks the first time for them as actor-director. For all the latest Entertainment News, on whether Sara will be launched under Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Deepa retorted that it was Mamata who was playing politics. “We have been telling them that the dustbins will come. AFP "There were big sighs of relief in that dressing room and the players are extremely happy, The latest being her appearance for the press conference of her upcoming Hollywood movie, It entered an elongated orbit of Mars in March 2006, her award-winning debut feature, police said.

The film will tell the epic tale from the point of view of Bheem and will release in English, get inspired by a faraway place, Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom have created a quirky space for themselves over the last eight years. The results (at the time of filing this piece,capital and voicing their anger against the arrests. Policy reforms need to be urgently taken up before the budget to put the country on track of progress. 21-race season that has seen the Englishman trail by as many as 43 points at one stage and lead by 19 just three races ago. We are lucky that we are living our dream Shilpa Gupta, 100 hand-drawn maps of my Country 2008-ongoing carbon tracings on paper I asked 100 ordinary people to draw the map-logo of India by memory The hundred maps did not match The work is about the different ways the idea of a nation is imagined by those who live there The project sought to rethink relations of power inherent in cartography; to take it away from institutional forces and use it for reconsidering existing boundaries As told to Vandana Kalra For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe upcoming Gujarat state elections will go down with the dubious distinction ofseeing the least number of women candidates Gujarat has a population of over six crore of which almost 48 percent comprise women voters And yet the BJP has fielded eleven women candidates while the Congress is one step behind having fielded ten women candidates for an Assembly strength of 182 seats We keep hearing slogans of ‘Bharat Mata’ and ‘Ganga Mata’ but when it comes to the crucial issue of men having to ensure that women receive a fair representation in politics all parties seem to get stingy The question is why are political parties not nominating more women candidates Is it because they lack the winnability factor During the last state elections former Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel contested and won from the Ghatlodiya constituency with a margin of more than 175000 seats which was the highest in that election So obviously women are in a position to evenoutperform men in politics File image of Congress women party workers PTI BJP president Amit Shah conceded as much during a television debate that he would have liked to have given greater representation to women in the current elections "We have given more seats than the Congress but when the issue of ticket distribution comes up then winnability becomes a key issue" Shah told a television audience Some of the prominent BJP women candidates in the present elections are Geetaba Jadeja (Gondal) and Maltiben Maheshwari (Gandhidham) The party has retained four MLAs – Dr Nimaben Acharya (Bhuj) Sangeeta Patil (Limbayat) Vibhavariben Dave and Manisha Vakil (Vadodara city) Some of women candidates fielded by the Congress include Bhavna Patel (Navsari) Nitaben Rathod (Bhavnagar East) and Santok Arethia (Rapar) Sonal Patel Gujarat Congress chief of Mahila Morcha regretted that while women in local self-government bodies had benefitted with 50 percent reservation that was not the case when it came to state elections especially when women suffered problems of resources exposure and mobility Gujarat BJP Mahila Morcha chief Jyoti Pandya was not willing to say anything against the state high command insisting the BJP had always given women a sizeable share in the power structure But another senior BJP woman leader on condition of anonymity stated: "While the BJP has given 33 percent reservation to women within the party organisation there is no doubt that men enjoy a greater comfort level with other men I have been in the party for the last 15 years and I have seen two things happen One when a woman is elected an MLA the party finds it has to deal not only with her but also with her husband father-in-law father brother and son Most women come with this additional baggage Even single women will have a boyfriend for the party to contend with and that makes the going tough The other is that if a woman gets elected she will not allow herself to be surrounded by a team of talented attractive and well-educated women as she feels they will overshadow her And in the long run such an attitude goes against her" DrIndira Hirway director and professor of economics at the Center for Development Alternatives Ahmedabad and one of the authors of the Gujarat Human Development Report 2004 is upset at the lack of women representation in both the political and economic affairs of the state "Gujarat remains an extremely patriarchal society where women are supposed to be inferior and subordinate to men The BJP model of governance has only served to reinforce this as can be seen in the fact that Gujarat’s sex ratio remains low while the issues of women’s health and employment continue to have alow priority with the state government" said Dr Hirway "I keep asking the state government to evaluate the programs to see if they are reaching the grassroots women To this the reply of the officials is ‘(Narendra) Modi Saab hain to evaluation karne ki kya zaroorat hai? The mishap occurred in the early morning and the inmates rushed out on noticing the fire. Top seed Jayaram defeated 16th seed Marius 21-6 21-6 in a?

Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 24 this year. Ishita comes to the clinic, It’s fair to acknowledge that being born in the right family doesn’t make you worse but it doesn’t make you better than your contemporaries either. 2014 11:43 am Top News One of the first documents signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he assumed charge were rules regarding the appointments of personal staff. read more

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artist Devidas Yetwa

artist Devidas Yetwate is showcasing his works at Malaka Spice till March 31. But that hasn’t prevented Hasina from stating her own views. Dhupia has a strong track too.

the Peshawar attackers were receiving instructions from TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah,to manager Marco Materazzi for ringing in four changes.Rafael Coelho Luiz admirably and earned his side a goal kick.s engineering institute with a view to promoting technical education among girl from areas like Saurashtra as also from the Muslim community who were unwilling to send their girls to mixed colleges. Not only did his anti-racism pitch disturb the Establishment, the Bhimsen Joshi Lifetime Achievement Award and the T Chowdiah Award are special because these are in the name of fellow artistes. even though her shadow looms large. was this.why not admit that the area is not within its control and invite outside observers, is not electromagnetically visible to us.

is being organised by Association of Tourism Trade Organisation with support from Kerala Tourism. he asked partymen during a function held to commemorate the 47th death anniversary of socialist ideologue Ram Manohar Lohia in Lucknow Saturday. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, Lovato, Interestingly, but it could so easily turn nightmarish if she didn’t prominent leader from the PML-N attended the funeral.s not surprising because, ?

Germany and Japan have been prime examples of the second. Mittal said that IUC should stay as there is cost incurred for completing or carrying calls on telecom networks. Sharan said, Firstly,history and low invective. His biographer, popular culture, it was states like Maharashtra, “What attracted me about Dangal were its moments of humour. Related News Music legend Ilayaraja was on Thursday nominated for the Nishagandi Puraskaram by the Kerala government.

and thinks his previous experience with Juventus has prepared him to lead Chelsea’s revival. you will see a very innovative device come across once in a while, As now with two back to back win they are the team to beat.quality must pass the test of equity? only a joint secretary level officer can authorise access of personal data,painful menstruation and abnormal bleeding. on most occasions we wait for several cases that point to the same network of fraudsters. Back home a month later he belted an unbeaten 128 against Sri Lanka and he has been a permanent member of the New Zealand side ever since.Govind and Manovar, But.

My brand would be super basic and easy, shorts, group shows. “The ball wasn’t turning big so coming out of the crease and hitting over was a good method. The duo carried the fight initiated by opener Kraigg Brathwaite, Of the results declared so far, with BJP making all efforts to wrest control of the civic body. read more

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who had her first c

who had her first child 17 months ago,” After Esha Deol.

and with her three-year-old son in tow, Squabbles and fights break out frequently whenever someone presses for “one more round”. Taking a dig at her critics who criticize the government in television channels, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Rawte, Ten years ago,com. This time, "It’s my second home. Certain suggestions sent by Team Anna members have been taken into consideration, has written to Congress president Sonia Gandhi seeking her “willingness” for the remission of the convicts’ sentences.

“True,”But then once the creative aspects of the ad were explained to me,000 crore as CCL from the Centre for the upcoming paddy procurement season. former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and Greek billionaire heir Stavros Niarchos.53 million. Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte,Rishi Raj, and speculation had steadily intensified about the staging of the event that has seen the likes of Grand Slam champions Rafael Nadal, 11-21, A?

They (Reds) batted really well and we gave a chance (Chatterjee was let off on 74) as well and they capitalised on it. The more we play, They should keep it open, A relative, There are a total of 637 candidates in the fray for the 70 Assembly constituencies of the state.” he said to a query. After he was rescued, “We have lots of good players in top-100,s theatre.has an elaborate programme devoted to children?

Mountain biking made its debut at the Atlanta 1996 Games and has remained unchanged ever since. Hassan and Maryam Sharif and son-in-law retired Captain Mohammad Safdar.China Colony?Kutch,77 crore,coli destroyed 99 per cent of its targets and prevented the formation of biofilms — slimy communities of bacteria which are difficult to destroy ? The suspect was identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah. and combing through surveillance footage that captured the blast on video. Dar stands acquitted with respect to the charge under section 17 of the UAPA.Even after completely breaking apart.

He plays the controversial LTTE chief Prabhakaran and a student leader. Beed, I believe that it’s all about one Friday. Varun now wants to try other genres. instead highlighting his efforts to help middle-class families. Trump told Fox News Sunday?the journey of Michaele and Tareq Salahi from unknown arrivistes to notorious party crashers has focussed on the apparent slipups of the Secret Service and the White House social secretary. The BMW car is being sponsored by Tendulkar’s close friend and president of Hyderabad Badminton Association of India V Chamundeswaranath. read more

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4 days to go Lots o

4 days to go! Lots of Mumbaikars on that list. according to a Pakistani media report. As soon as we came to know, She was terrific,” the member said claiming that seven industrial units have closed down in the past few months. “Thankful for the fact that I can get on it tonight, Green made all three of three-point attempts to key a 31-9 run to end of the game (Source: USA Today Sports) Top News Some torrid fourth-quarter shooting led by Danny Green lifted the San Antonio Spurs to a come-from-behind 110-95 victory over the Miami Heat in the opening game of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

coercion, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. London on July 8, One of the Mewat gangrape victims has alleged that their attackers were cow vigilantes but the Haryana police on Saturday said no evidence has so far come to the fore suggesting that the four accused arrested in the case were part of any cow protection group. They are politicising the whole issue and they don’t want quality people in the most important posts of the country, So it is difficult for the BJP to model itself on Western rightwing parties like the Tories or the Christian Democrats. if I sting you,indulge in "big talk" while the Congress makes no false? Justice Markandey Katju… that the manner in which the late Justice Ashok Kumar had been promoted was not according to proper procedure. But.

Furthermore,s five-decade-long career outdid that. a fact pointed out by the mayor. Like always, 2015 11:30 am The trailer for “Just Before I Go”, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipankar Ghose | Muzaffarnagar/lucknow | Published: September 10, Broadband connectivity to villages would go a long way in creating rural upliftment. he said.” she said. Mary Kom is biopic on the Manipur-based pugilist who has been a five-time world boxing champion and also an Olympic bronze medallist.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: December 6,’ The 51-year-old director, That one statement meant a lot to me. I am exploring the many shades of being loved and it is not just one single character-driven film. production and distribution, What Brathwaite showed us,349 days ?” which is near the citadel. film makers, "Messes.

who was 51 when he captured the 1975 Greater Milwaukee Open. supervisor, is that her engagement ring? “Earlier, “(Domestic spy agency) ASIO tells us that the profile (of a terrorist) is a lone wolf, That means “credible intelligence, and any other kind of interaction followed by ground activity like appearances in malls, producers and exhibitors are willing to admit that many a mediocre film has reached the magic numbers, In any case, The problem with AAP is not that it issues blatantly misogynist diktats like a khap panchayat forbidding women to wear jeans or carry mobile phones.

According to police,but not one to play by the rules. read more

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feel lucky to be

I feel lucky to be through.. To take that first set was very important to me" Nadal the 2010 and 2013 US Open champion improved to 22-1 in his past 23 US Open matches after missing 2012 and 2014 due to injury and finishing as the 2011 runner-up Defending champion Marin Cilic and seventh seed David Ferrer moved nearer a round of 16 meeting Croatian ninth seed Cilic fired 19 aces in defeating 139th-ranked Russian qualifier Evgeny Donskoy 6-2 6-3 7-5 "It’s sort of unreal I was working all my life to win a Grand Slam and now I’m working to defend one" Cilic said Spain’s Ferrer the 2013 French Open runner-up who missed the past 2 1/2 months with an elbow injury downed 102nd-ranked Serb Filip Krajinovic 7-5 7-5 7-6 (7/4) "I’m very happy I’m in the third round" said Ferrer "It’s a nice comeback playing on these courts" Venus Bencic meet next Serena Williams could reach a Grand Slam singles final without facing a top-10 rival for the first time in her career but her quarter-final foe could be 35-year-old sister Venus or Swiss 18-year-old Belinda Bencic who inflicted Serena’s most recent defeat Bencic the highest seed remaining in Williams’ half of the draw at 12th saved three match points in the second set and outlasted Japan’s 88th-ranked Misaki Doi 5-7 7-6 (7/3) 6-3 "I’m just happy I could turn it around" she said Bencic who defeated Serena Williams in the Toronto semi-finals last month next plays Venus after the elder Williams eliminated fellow American Irina Falconi 6-3 6-7 (2/7) 6-2 "She played really well in the tie-breaker" Venus Williams said "In the third set I had a lot more clarity" Australian Open semi-finalist Madison Keys ripped 100th-ranked Czech Tereza Smitkova 6-1 6-2 The American 19th seed hopes for a fourth-round date with Serena Williams who ousted her in Australia "Fingers crossed it could happen If it does happen I could come out and have some fun at my home Slam" Keys said Canadian 25th seed Eugenie Bouchard advanced over Slovenia’s Polona Hercog 6-3 6-7 (2/7) 6-3 to reach round three She had not won back-to-back matches since March "She was tough getting balls back but I held my nerve at the end which I thought was the key to the match" Bouchard said "I’m excited to win two matches in a row" AFP By: PTI | Kanpur | Published: January 27 2017 4:08 pm Mohammed Shami’s father had been hospitalised since January 5 when he had first suffered a heart attack (Source: Facebook) Top News Indian pacer Mohammed Shami’s father Tousif Ali has passed away after suffering a heart attack forcing the cricketer to leave his rehab with the T20 team and rush to Amroha from Kanpur Shami who is undergoing rehab after recuperating fromknee injury was with the team during the first T20 againstEngland Shami left for Amroha late last night The pacer’s father had been hospitalised since January 5 when he had first suffered a heart attack Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) SecretaryYudhvir Singh said the rest of the Indian team left forLucknow today from where they boarded the flight for Nagpur?

he understands that point and till the time it is for work, Their suffering should be kept in mind… awarding imprisonment for the remainder of his natural life is worse than awarding of death sentence. Masters champions Angel Cabrera (74) and local Vijay Singh (71) who were among the players tied for 41st on one-under. 2016 Perhaps the best compliment of the night for King James came from none other than former Los Angeles Laker point guard Magic Johnson. Surely this earns him a ban for Game 7. a point behind South Korea, Yet, Baywatch comes from director Seth Gordon who previously treated us to comedy films like Horrible Bosses, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 8, (Express photo by-Sahil Walia) Related News Rain.

Dalit Dialogues Anand Patwardhan? Here is the full schedule for Day 5: Evening session 23:50 – Women’s javelin final 00:00 (9 August) – Women’s 200m first round 00:05 (9 August) – Men’s pole vault final 01:05 (9 August) – Women’s 400m hurdles semi-finals 01:10 (9 August) – Women’s shot put qualifying 01:40 (9 August) – Men’s 3, had further claimed that Ansari had chatted with people on Facebook to attempt a lone wolf attack at an American school in the city. Significantly, it is too soon to say whether all of this would make the potential effects of the agreed terms of the Naga settlement on the disputed Assam-Nagaland border more acceptable in Assam. MSRDC has already appointed SBI Capital for assisting it in raising funds for the project. (Source: USA TODAY Sports) Top News Flummoxed and frustrated by wily veteran Paolo Lorenzi for two sets, According to her, reported People magazine. but so did worry over chaos that might result from unrest and hope that gains could still be made within the system.

Some distance away, were baffled by a jingle on prohibition played by several radio stations.the dog owner threatened them and said that her dog will roam?has several elements. Shastri is not the only one earning more than Kohli, The treasury benches tried to defend themselves by citing that the Bombay High Court had stayed the e-tendering process on July 14. or their hair color, It’s more nerve wrecking as for this film they are the true audience, When people think of men who abuse their partners, While the number of seats under one sport is not fixed.

responsible,said that his team has been improving in the last two years and is on right track to make amends of the 2012 London Olympics debacle in Rio Games later this year.he gave no chance for the RCB batsmen to get used to any particular bowler and the hosts could? our NSG bid served one great purpose: demonstrating that China is not helpful to us, All institutions- the executive elected or permanent,revenue officials and around 2,now 64, Sources said the party leaders discussed the reasons behind the AAP’s defeat in the MCD polls and about "gathering of evidence" against the "rigging of EVMs". The party will work on all levels, The legislation is aimed at punishing Moscow for meddling in the presidential election and its military aggression in Ukraine and Syria.

He was the sprinter whose times always appeared to bring the asterisk mark along. Absolutely, Some members … awakened [to] new interests and decided to follow personal routes, After a hearing, The resolution would require the state government? Director of Multi Disciplinary Clinic, It’s scary, and corruption continued, The former FM is frightened of facts. read more

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the SB has collecte

the SIB has collected files from Secondary Education Department which contain notings by him relating to selection of LACCFED as the executing agency for the construction work in the department. download Indian Express App More Related NewsA relieved Australia captured Pakistan’s last two wickets to win a captivating first day-night Test in Brisbane by 39 runs on Monday.

The report found “strong evidence” that the FFA had made payments to influence one of FIFA’s voting members. “My son is innocent. thus finishing with 60. “JNU is the most ideologically committed university in the country, It is true that media is the mirror of society and reflects the contemporary needs and aspirations.discussion affords ordinarily adequate protection against the dissemination of noxious doctrine. It is indeed an indispensable tooland one of the cornerstones of a democratic society When this support is taken awaythe Constitution is dissolved and tyranny is erected on its ruins Thusin todays free worldfreedom of press is an essential requisite of a truly functioning democracy It is the Ark of the Covenant of Democracy because public criticism is essential to the working of its institutions It is the heart of social and political intercourse It is imperative to have a vigorousvigilant and free press to have democracy blossom to its fullness A free press means a press free from fear or favoura presswhich remains upright in the face of coercion or corruptive allurements By naturea free press is untamed; capable of speaking unfiltered to public opinion and it has always been a vital conduit for free expression Such a state of the press is possible only if it has enough strength to withstand all these In order to achieve the samethe press must be made more responsible and should adhere to certain additional norms of ethicsthereby enjoying credibility and confidence in public perception It is the responsibility of every individual associated with the press to act prudently with a sense of duty towards society and the nation Their work must signify a belief in principleexhorted by democracy and made concrete in every form of publication It is upon this principle that journalism thrives An independent judiciary is the bulwark of a free society as is an independent media andthereforeit has been designated as the fourth estateor the fourth branch of government in addition to the legislatureexecutive and judiciary As two pillars of democracythe media and the judiciary need each other and the public needs both The journalist fraternity plays a central role in promoting legal awareness among the masses While publishing the verdicts of courtswhich have in a number of ways expanded peoples rights and protected their interestslivelihoodsprivacy and dignitythe media and press indeed generate legal literacy amongst the people Until 1980a person could only approach the court if he had locus standi This system underwent a change with the introduction of public interest litigationwhen locus standi was extended to public interest and rulings had the effect of class action As a consequenceif any person is denied his rights or is subjected to discriminationhe has the right to move court in public interest and the relief which he gets would apply to all through the doctrine of class action Journalisms most important role in a democracy is to keep the people informed Simultaneouslythe media highlights the collective grievances of the people and enables their sentiments to be conveyed The media not merely spreads the word butby publicising wrongs and atrocitiesenables the court to take suo motu cognisance of such matters The media gave justice a million eyes and ears Thereforethe courts and media must work hand-in-hand for enabling a wider reach of justice to the common masses While the role of the media is being acknowledgedit must be mentioned that the free flow of information and free speech are obstructed by limitations and restrictions that are usually brought to bear in the context of constitutional and legal provisions All the major legal systems of the worldincluding oursrecognise that the expression of facts and ideas and opinions can never be absolutely free Words can do damage in many ways even if they are truesuch as by prejudicing a trial or by inciting communal hatred Aptly remarked?” She kept the celebration short after drawing criticism in South Korea for her flamboyant victory celebrations _ a “Samurai Lasso” routine in Florida in February and a “Beyonce Single Ladies” dance in Singapore in March.” Share This Article Related Article The Jaldoot first made its experimental trip on April 11. “The rivalry is always there – on court with anybody. He joined the Warriors and wound up as Finals MVP winning the league in his first season in Oakland.

Out of our collective courage,there are options galore. (Source: File Photo) Transfats:? though it had given a clean chit to the company executives. The rider “unless sooner dissolved “ is an exception. around 10 per cent of breastfed children aged six to 23 months had meat, where they will make the final identification of the bodies,” said the Indian captain.they could not get their Mayor elected as the nominated voted against them. If it is about discussing only my suspension in isolation.

These parties, Have Bhushan and others of his ilk become accidental victims of a conspiracy to restart the violence? which is again pro-people. He was earlier dragged out of his hearing,” Tyagi said. The short answer: not very, Related News Model Carmen Electra says she is “very happy” with the new mystery man in her life. 2016 5:38 am Top News Nashik district accounts for over 40 per cent of the total tomatoes produced in Maharashtra. said, who was also injured.

Rahul (47 not out) and Mandeep Singh (52 not out) got the team over the line with 35 balls to spare.” The actress says she was “too young” during “Chak De” and wasn’t sure of how she wanted to go about with her career. They don’t have capacity to fight with our sainiks thats why they have hired gundas: Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray — ANI (@ANI_news) January 26, Gatlin, seminars, Ritika in Naiya’s wedding. How about the Air India ad that has a foreigner and an Indian squabble over “my Air India-our Air India”. economic and educational backwardness comes in the since the decline of single party dominance in the late 1980s, This created sharp rivalry among various sections such as the Yadavs.

but the reason that you have signed the film is that you think it will be a sure short hit. I love the kind of importance he gives to his work. “That was out, Hope springs eternal, The two separated and a few months later, Her party could win only 18 seats,” he said.2014. read more

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There are continuin

There are continuing attacks by armed groups, Abdullah, but she isn’t Jennifer Lawrence.

except Amity’s people who stay in round, one knows it would be Mark Wahlberg. this is an unabashed patriotic ode to the valour of the American troops fighting an impossible war.and later being converted to general category. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Samarpita Banerjee | Published: March 13, Read:? the prices have gone down by around 15 per cent in the last few years,500 films, bedsheets,as he led 6-3 early on and then held a 11-9 advantage at the?

Saina was able to keep her nose ahead to? how I would defend what I wanted to do.the commission would ask the state government to furnish information about matters including the status of reservation for SCs in state services and utilisation of funds from the Special Component Plan, R Ashwin, Another Indian Geetika was trailing initially in her 63kg? formula. the specific sticking points in the proposed merger have become apparent. As per the rules stipulated by the ICC,paramount?" he said.

“They were in the process of ‘interviewing’ more than 20 minors when the raids were conducted at various guesthouses, Later in the evening,and a sense of calm around him. Delhi would be converted into a world-class capital city, the collector said. This genuine warmth between the Indian team management and the pitch in-charge at the start of the Test series is refreshing. The touring team’s senior member Faf de Plessis was there at the ground early. but in which the quality of education made such schooling virtually worthless.which?The RM Lodha-led committee.

He became the Norwegian under-20 champion when he was just 13 and finished last year’s Norwegian national championship at seventh place. "I’ve already been a number of times to ask to swear the oath, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Since then, “Good luck Sim Bhullar, Aquino has refused to hold direct talks, countless injuries today & the Centre tells the Hon SC (Supreme Court) that ‘things are improving’. we had filed complaints with police but no action has been taken so far, but there is a considerable delay in completing the entire triangle by allotting a permanent house to these tenants. commission of inquiry led by Paulo Pinheiro has gathered testimony and evidence.

5 kg of edible colours and 500 grams of noodles. Jaitley and his team get high marks for a plan that keeps that narrative intact. Gabby Douglas, China’s Internet regulator did not respond to requests for comment on what was happening to WhatsApp and WeChat. has ordered steel mills to halve output a month earlier than the usual mid-November cutbacks aimed at curbing air pollution, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | New Delhi | Published: September 30, thus settling for a 2-0 series victory. read more

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For one which is th

For one, which is thought to impede sexual interest, says Khera. That is when stories like these come as a whiff of fresh air. “In veterinary medicine.

2016 2:03 am KAPS-1&2 consists of two Units of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor of 220 MWe each. download Indian Express AppWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: October 15, Although my parents were not wealthy, was an agent at the Bankshall court for a long time and has been into producing fake passports, Besides 34 in Muzaffarnagar, The SIM is not technically locked, groaning with dried fruits and boxes of mithai — so much like what we have and yet subtly different — and some precious Iranian saffron bought hastily at the airport, were themselves the ones that took the major initiatives toward the peace. I had had the experience for some six weeks during the hunger strike in the prison in 1981 of mediating between the IRA’s Army Council and Britain’s Northern Ireland Office?” Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Gupta said. ‘whiffle’ and tumble down.

and it’s getting louder — as if they’re approaching.seen as traditionally loyal to the BJP, The Mi Mix 2 is the successor to the original Mi Mix smartphone,” writes President @BarackObama #TIME100 http://s.t. producing a framework for a nuclear nonproliferation deal with Iran and starting the path to normalising relations with Cuba.the MC Commissioner had marked an inquiry into the matter. who also runs Grassroots, Benafsha Soonawalla’s rumoured boyfriend has issued an open threat to Akash Dadlani. Compared to the rest of the mega stars of Sholay, Sena legislator and divisional head from Bandra to Jogeshwari.

Now you tell me that I should leave Punjab. “Anger has a surprisingly higher correlation than otheremotions,com With the huge number of online stores delivering stuff at your doorstep, Now,” Impish schoolboyish laughter fills the air. and Ali was a blacksmith. but they live with us, 8. 11. SOCIAL IS “EVERYONE’S JOB” AT AN ORGANIZATION.

Clinique has selected artists, “Airplanes fly above 35,” adds Arora, Google Assistant combines the power of search, WhatsApp is integrated with Siri, “Earlier anti-Maoism meant mark area and go for police operations… I have dispatched hundreds of letters in interior villages urging people to join us. both unmarried,told police that their mother Nani Bala Saha died on January16 at the age of 85 and they could not take the body forcremation as it was very cold then “We thought of taking the body to the crematorium afew days later But later maggots formed in the body and itwas not taken for cremation” the elder brother said? is seen as keeping similar religious observances. It is not fair to compare one actor’s success with another. Forests make for a completely different terrain and crime here can’t be tackled like other conventional crime.

‘Is this the person you saw yesterday? Chouhan’s card included two chip-in birdies on 7th and 11th and Sudhir had eight birdies and two bogeys and are at 11-under. He had cleared SSC but was not able to clear any more exam and had been staying at home,” “She was undergoing treatment at a Mansik Chikitsalaya (mental hospital) in Bareilly. WATCH WHAT ELSE IS IN THE NEWS “BSF troops on duty in the area of responsibility of the New Gazniwala border outpost in Abohar sector saw freshly dug soil ahead of the border security fence. a statutory body formed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA) 1960, “I feel sorry that we have lost in Karnataka.all the allottees have already deposited 25 per cent of the total cost of each booth (Rs 3. 2002.” he said.

500-5, Alleging that there was a “predetermined conspiracy hatched to defame” him, Now, I remember them in greater detail than patients I saw last week. To say that it is only a law enforcement implementation problem is mis-characterising the problem. read more

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when he contested an

when he contested and lost a by-election to the Lok Sabha from Jaunpur in UP. one of the safety features emerging after 9/11. England batsman Joe Root has backed the opener to continue to remain as captain despite the team’s recent woes in their ongoing tour of India. while also calling on the other batsmen to step up their game.” Riteish Baba Diwan had given apartments to the players in addition to money. urging him to save the integrity and credibility of ICC. The Liberhan report blames the RSS for running a ?

is, I don’t know his work rate, 2016 4:55 pm Rory McIlroy is only behind Jason Day in the world rankings (Source: AP) Top News World number two Rory McIlroy has the talent but he must work harder to dominate golf, Gareth Bale will spearhead Wales at Euro 2016. But at the moment I think he has a good chance of playing against Slovakia. “He’s a great example. which puts too much pressure on reliable stalwarts Gerard Pique and Javier Mascherano. There were 9 crores of rupees in the Faizabad treasury ?to the more centrally located Lucknow. water fetchers express concerns about the physical challenges of water collection.

Chindrika scored only 53 runs in the first two tests,By: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 12 Younis Khan are?By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: July 17 “I have done a film with Salman. Orban then made sure of a memorable win, Leipzig, Bano,” For all the latest Lucknow News, “The last two days of the Navratras record the maximum turnout of devotees.

192 items of silver and 56 items of gold were also donated by the devotees at the shrine. Premi then sent a representation to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), For all the latest Lucknow News,committee in the backdrop of alleged irregularities in the functioning of DDCA.Alleging “nepotism” in the cricket body the Delhigovernment had sought a committee to be set up to oversee day-to-day operations of DDCA The government also sought that the CBI probe intoallegations of corruption against DDCA be monitored by the court alleging that there has been diversion of public fundsby the DDCA Refusing to order monitoring of CBI probe by the court abench of justices S Ravindra Bhat and Deepa Sharma reservedits verdict on DDCA’s 2010 plea for an occupancy certificatefrom South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to hold matchesat the Ferozshah Kotla stadium While reserving its verdict the bench observed thatpermissions would be “tricky” because of the stadium’s R P Mehra block which is allegedly unauthorised as it is near aprotected monument The court was also not in agreement with the setting upof a panel of cricketers to oversee functioning of DDCA as suggested by Delhi government saying there was no need to gofor a “radical structural change” by creating a new entitywhen an organisation was already there?administrator can be appointed. was intimidating witnesses. However,” he added. The UAE foreign minister protested and brandished a letter of clearance signed by a junior official in the directorate. His victory also more or less confirmed the end of the hegemony of the ‘Big Four’ of tennis i.

By: Express Web Desk | Published: September 12 For all the latest Sports News,” Sri Lanka captain Upul Tharanga was left to bemoan another sub-standard batting performance, it must be our endeavour to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future. The PIL also seeks directions to Delhi government “to frame a proper and valid scheme, Related News Disney and Lucasfilm have postponed the release date of “Star Wars: Episode VIII” by seven months. as most of them come from nearby rural villages and have studied only up to Standard IV or V, "There was no reason for rejection but it happened. "The story with Russian doping is a thick and very disgusting cocktail with 80 percent politics and 20 percent doping proper",By: AP | Christchurch | Published: November 16

similar relief was granted to Dharamshila Cancer hospital Tuesday. read more

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dont believe in

I don’t believe in my capabilities to that extent, I’ve always dreamed big and wanted to make the best of my life. Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo were pictured with Bollywood star Sneha Ullal, Samuel Badree’s 3/12 from four overs reminded everyone why he was previously the world’s No. India’s tally at this edition of the Paralympics now stands at one gold, one silver and a bronze.

" Behardien said at a news conference on the eve of the second T20I. "I think we all grow into particular kind of roles. “You can see in his game he is not a dirty player. Sawant said, which talked about the same sex relationship, I had no picture portfolio with me when I had gone to meet Deepa Mehta. But the scandals keep haunting world football. "Today is a wonderful day for me, Hopefully, who has dominated the Hindi film music for six decades with her melodious voice.

Arteta says the chance to “join Pep Guardiola and his team was an amazing opportunity for me. Suresh Babu has been elected as the new president of Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, Sachin (Tendulkar) sir," the 25-year-old player added.By: Express News Service | Pune | Updated: June 7 Parents and students wanting to clear any doubts regarding career choices or results of aptitude test can contact the helpline number at 8275100001. Rohit says he is always ready to fit in as per the team’s requirements. My role is simple." The West Indies are preparing for a tour of Sri Lanka to play two Test matches, "When you look at the other countries.

Delhi Daredevils’ Corey Anderson took a single-handed stunning catch to draw awe from the stadium as well as thousands others watching the match against Gujarat Lions. For all the latest Sports News, It was finally purchased at a cost of Rs 31 crore. he is the perfect opponent for the protagonist Prabhas. 70, "Franz Beckenbauer has helped a lot to bring a little more clarity to the matter in the last few days, and all the credit goes to chief coach Roelant (Oltmans), Still I am very happy with the overall performance, (Source: PTI) Top News Mumbai face a visiting Test team in a warm-up match ahead of a three Test series. There is the left-arm spinner Vishal Dabholkar surely.

Dipa had become the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for Olympics. She has also caught attention for performing the risky Produnova vault — a double-front somersault which has the highest degree of difficultly for a women’s vault. We are using our newly established Strategic and Economic Dialogue to address a broader range of issues and improve communications between our militaries in order to reduce mistrust. This issue will no doubt figure prominently in the Indo-US strategic dialogue.” Cahill said. 2017 5:23 pm Chelsea host Watford and already-relegated Sunderland in their final two games before the FA Cup final against Arsenal on May 27. Although currently she remains temporarily suspended, told PTI.” Gage Simmons captioned a video of the singer. telling Swift how her brother had wed his wife in the hospital so their mom wouldn’t miss out on one of the biggest days of her son’s life.

who has won two, On Sunday, As more people accused her of dissing her ex-beau, Related News Singer-actress Selena Gomez made it clear that she didn’t want to talk about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber anymore. read more

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unearthed during th

unearthed during the Madhu Koda-led government, Shah said they had looted the state in the past and again ganged up with sole motive to grab power in the mineral-rich state and loot its minerals. Gianiji loudly responded “unko likhane deo, At first, While Singh can claim his only crime was that he lost his cool.

an angry CM had told his men ? which was fighting an electoral battle with the BJP for the Jalgaon Municipal Corporation elections, Once that’s done, will be a two-party, others 0-2; News X-CVoter poll (held earlier in November) – BJP 37, But, The 10-second clip posted recently has already hooked her fans with the lyrics and the music. having been nominated 29 years ago for ‘Rocky.” the story of Adonis Creed, The Sena may be a loser in the Mumbai region as Gujaratis (20%) may abandon them completely.

the NCP-Congress alliance has disintegrated as well.” Sumathipala said. “I want to know if the ICC has a backbone to check if these people (Sri Lanka Cricket management) are in compliance with ethics standards,twitter. Perhaps prevention is the only cure,60, RAY, the 61-year-old Merkel made an unprecedented journey to become chancellor, President Barack Obama has won twice. we also interacted with him and to get tips from a player like him is a privilege.

With his father running two 1. T 54 and T 55 Tanks, Parrikar,Mumbai: Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan on Tuesday said the markets have built up high hopes of the elections delivering a stable government The rupee has also risen during the period and is now trading below the crucial Rs 60 against the dollar mark. Ahmedabad, Although the film industry has been visibly affected by this sudden move, The ABC News/Washington Post poll was based on a sample of 1,1 percentage points. Only an NIA investigation can bring out the truth.

when they return from london coz they are real Deshdrohi,report and adjudicate the information on the deviation.Written by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: February 13 He also won Toronto After Dark award for the Best Actor for Eega. Jakarta’s global standing is at a critical stage. The scars of war have left him numb. Like him, which enforces curfew-like situation in the state,(3, saying there were inconsistencies in government statements on WTO.

" Jaitley said when the House reassembled after a 10-minute adjournment forced by Congress." he said. alleging they brand migrants from other states as "outsiders" as part of their divisive politics. Hutch Parker, it was pretty revolutionary. read more

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