Analysis of Shanghai artificial intervention is just a lack of love

"love Shanghai manual intervention in lack of fairness and justice" as the original article, please retain the copyright from 贵族宝贝tz, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/baidu-rengong-ganyu-quefa-gongping/


Love Shanghai ranking

you look again at the express industry Google ranking by comparison! What is the result, I believe we will be very clear! Remember a few months before the search for "China Merchants Bank credit card" can see some illegal websites do card for promotion in Shanghai love! Finally the title phrase: love manual intervention in Shanghai lack of fairness and justice read more

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Shanghai dragon from the direction of the frequency of keywords and deployment

Keywords The front

2011 statistical data from the data, Shanghai dragon Moz, the correlation coefficient between the number of keywords and ranking only 0.07; and falling in love with the sea surface according to rough statistics is about 0.2. In general the meaning of these figures is that for the noble baby, the increase of the number of keywords appear although the favorable rankings, but the effect is small enough to be directly ignored; for the love of Shanghai, the number of words appear on the influence of the ranking is very small, no need to deliberate. read more

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Spy fiction website Shanghai dragon optimization details

fiction website basically is the text, content is also very large, because the novel usually has hundreds of chapters, this calculation You’ll see. how many pages on the site of a novel. The novel website belongs to a large site, with the continuous addition of sections of the novel, in the capacity of the entire site as can be imagined. If the page is more love Shanghai included, this is a big problem. These novel website of Shanghai dragon flow from a lot of long tail keywords, to have a large number of pages of the site, how do we structure, let the spider crawling love Shanghai better? This is the first problem to optimize the read more

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Analysis of common mistakes in Shanghai Longfeng personnel

is stubborn, inflexible, in fact, never mind and no execution of these two aspects to analysis the Shanghai dragon optimization is very stubborn, do not pay attention to modifications in the website optimization, it is very difficult to meet the natural love Shanghai algorithm innovation. For example, when the love Shanghai algorithm has clearly defined the chain construction site must meet the needs of > correlation

many times web site ranking is still no improvement, and not Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel themselves hard enough, or not enough technical skills, able to understand optimization love Shanghai Optimization Guide to provide, in most cases, website optimization failed and Shanghai dragon optimization work into misconceptions about many researchers in the optimization work, after a period of time, just hope he can be promoted to love the night ranked Shanghai home, began to get on the technology, and even the use of black hat optimization method, with a spirit of the site to optimize the operation of waste brand enterprise website, the last is the pain such as can be imagined. Shanghai Longfeng optimization work personnel are misunderstanding what read more

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2013 Shanghai dragon prospect user first content inaction

since early 2011, Google began to enable the "Panda", 2012 Google frequently "panda algorithm" is constantly upgrading, continue to strengthen the "farm" (in order to obtain better search engine rankings, a large number of man-made and contain the keywords of the long tail keywords crudely made content page, is the love of Shanghai said "only no significance with keywords") crackdown.

2013, how the development trend of Shanghai dragon

After read more

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Shanghai Longfeng eroded love Shanghai to seize the application ranking

please indicate the original article reprinted from Hunan Shanghai dragon, the address: 贵族宝贝 qz/165.html

first, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai and you see the application:

, "Shanghai dragon" began to love Shanghai, love can also be interpreted as Shanghai has been quietly concerned about the Shanghai dragon in this industry, the home also appear "love Shanghai auction, Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Wikipedia, Shanghai dictionary, love Shanghai news" five love Shanghai products can be seen Shanghai has always been in love with their own practical action to influence the development of Shanghai dragon industry. read more

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Large area site revision should pay attention to what

1, do not change the site

in the revision of a large area of the site, the optimization of our speed must be appropriate, do not increase too fast, for example you will change the title, change a site of URL, and then a keyword, an internal link structure of the website, it is not friendly to Shanghai dragon, we have to go slowly instead, look at the side of the side effect, must not be a great leap forward.

> speed optimization

if we have to change the URL of the website, you must put the old URL page do 301 permanent redirect to the upper URL, so you can play the role of weight transfer, but also in the new URL appeared before the search results, the old URL will maintain a certain period of time, this is a friendly the search engine for users. read more

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How to optimize the page title several tips

Title keyword frequency

The position of the

Some people say that


also has an effect on the position of key words is Shanghai dragon ranking? The answer is yes, it depends on what you want to highlight the theme, for enterprise stand for if you want to make a brand, the company name on the front of this is no ground for blame. If you hit a product, but the company name on the front is a bit off the point. Typically, keyword by the former so search engine weights are given the high, so for a time the Title Combination > read more

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How do the chain in 2013


1, hidden in the text of the link to the home page, such as "hospital" of the past, almost every article will appear this page links, but now should belong to the category of excessive optimization, because few people will want to click on this link.

In fact, these two kinds of The basic work of

chain in the final analysis is not the user clicks on the demand, it is not necessary to do a chain. Many people say that these two links did not get rid of what to do

we need to repeatedly update in 2012 clearly have the inner chain. Many people think that 2012 punishment is mainly outside the chain of this one, in fact love Shanghai concern as concerned content of the chains in the same station, there has been no guard, because it is part of the contents of the station. For the content of a standard is to judge whether the clean love Shanghai. This clean and not including whether there are independent and unrelated content within the chain. read more

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Talk about a few of high quality content and the chain of the matters needing attention

after updating the original content is to set up a high quality of the chain, there is a direct relationship between the friendly degree decreased many times website and the website chain, many websites are soaring or plummeted in the chain caused by the question of search engine, we must learn to face this kind of question to refute by using the action and practical value, this time to establish a high quality of the chain is particularly important, insist on setting up the chain of 10 to 20 or so every day, the chain should be based on stability. In Shanghai, Sina love space blog articles, also can be in A5 or Chinaz for a number of manuscripts, these established by articles in the form of the chain with respect to the forum signature, replies and so on establishment of the quality of the chain is much higher. read more

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How to improve website ranking increase website traffic

website to get good rankings, and are not required to use the chain can (many novice Adsense no chain resources, it also need not worry too much about). The chain is one of the factors accounting for ranking, and without our imagination of so high, the perfect website structure, reasonable layout, high quality articles, to help users solve the website is difficult to solve the problems in other sites, in a word, that is to improve the website user experience.

1, I have a lot to learn

3, page code, title, text writing. The page code is to pay attention to H1 and Strong tag usage; the title of the article in the website promotion in a large proportion, write a good title is to obtain the long tail keywords ranking king, whether the title containing keywords, title is attractive, it is essential; the reasonable layout of the keywords must the word, even the keywords, to adhere to the principle of that text as much as possible but not pretentious words. read more

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See the love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder messages and stationmaster interactive

Author: Lou song song address: 贵族宝贝lusongsong贵族宝贝/reed/702.html

is this love Shanghai Webmaster Platform an important function of message alert on the line. Lu Songsong asked why the original call abnormal reminder, now called message alert, replied: abnormal remind is only a part of the message reminder, it is not only a reminder, but also as a feedback channel to the webmaster to convey the contents of the final is to the webmaster and form a good interaction.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform news alert is only a slow response of the service, and only at the technical level for the majority of owners to provide help, solutions are not resolved, the pre prevention in the webmaster, if the site really healthy and sustainable development also need to adhere to their own efforts and the webmaster. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er how to make yourself more valuable

There are a lot of


some people say that now do one of the fast Shanghai dragon, just know the optimal knowledge can say they understand the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon. While some companies recruit staff Shanghai dragon human resources who do not understand this, feel the interview through, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng jobs and employees of different levels. For this, I think the Shanghai dragon er who also do not have to worry too much, according to the present situation of the development of Shanghai Longfeng abroad, mostly for the high-end market, so you have to believe that as long as have excellent technology and experience, good jobs are always ready for you. read more

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Enhance the analysis of several techniques snapshot update speed love Shanghai new algorithm

first, to timely update every day. If the content of the website has not been updated for quite a long period of time, so for the love of spiders in Shanghai, into your site will not record the related new content, then analyzed will not be included in the database, and then, when the search engine database can not show the content, that is may not be the site snapshot update. So in order to improve the website snapshot update speed, we must first day update timely content. And the site also required to be loved in Shanghai included, because there is no collection of content for the promotion of the website snapshot update is meaningless. read more

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From the perspective of analysis to optimize the advantages of HTML5 and the current situation

The defects existing in the

in the market, we can see that a lot of famous Internet Co have already started using html5. The Facebook launched the HTML5 iPad application, Zynga launched the online game based on HTML5. At the same time, the content of the HTML5 page to the search engine’s index, the webmaster can do not have to worry about because of the use of multimedia content can not be identified by the search engine.


HTML5 the advantages and the current situation of

we can say that every one of the site’s fate is in the hands of the programmer, because we can make the site in the station to stand head and shoulders above others in the sea to have a space for one person, tags and keywords are in the hands of the initial master programmer. With the continuous development of the Internet, HTML5 entered our perspective. So what aspects of the development of HTML5 in Shanghai Longfeng on? I will hand the potential of HTML5 in the Shanghai dragon and the deficiencies of the current. read more

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Love of Shanghai recently restless


hand is responsible for a return to buy network, check data every day will check the weight by the love of Shanghai. But just two days ago in the webmaster tools to view the station data, the accident to see the station’s weight is 0 love Shanghai.

2. is a snapshot snapshot or stagnant

and the original station is always the next snapshot, but the snapshot was stopped in June 15th for so long, I felt wrong. The group of friends and later through communication and observation station some snapshots that many snapshots are correction or stay in June 15th, including the beautiful said such a large Taobao guest website. read more

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Analysis of the importance of preferred domain to the weights of the website

will have two kinds of methods mentioned above, then the weight of this web site in the search engine will be One divides into two. In order to make the weight of the website is more centralized, more high the term preferred domain.

domain, we first look at an example:

is in the moment, some very large famous sites are not the preferred domain of this work, such as the Admin5 Adsense nets, Chinaz Adsense nets, sina贵族宝贝.cn etc.. These sites daily flow of people, a very high reputation, and is not the preferred domain I feel the effects on them are not great, but as a small webmaster, this step can not be ignored. Some of the time in front of some competitors is often because of the small details in the search engine ranking above behind the others. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng not too deep what technical content

. Reprint reservation

first and perhaps the most important is the experience, why? In fact do sometimes is Shanghai dragon do is experience and details of the same station to different people do Shanghai dragon made out of the effect is not the same, why? In fact are the same, but the results are not the same. This is the details of the problem, whether you are TITILE or META, there are some skills, if you don’t like it, then the result is certainly not the same.

later is your late work, Shanghai Dragon technology is very simple, perhaps even more important is the construction of your Links, this can be said is not technology, but a kind of your social performance, but also depends on your level of diligence, increase the links depends on your hard work, if enough of your heart, enough diligence, believe that the construction of the chain you can in a very short period of time to achieve very good results. read more

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Keywords how to select the high conversion rate and little competition

from the two picture, we can see that the "related articles in wedding photography included the home page and the second, third page number many, almost all is a domain name, then the word is very competitive. You may say that the word search volume big, you are right, the word search volume is very big, but found this kind of word is not necessarily your prospective customers, he may just look at the picture, look at the wedding, perhaps to see others see professionals. So the word is not our goal, 1 reasons, competition is very big, can’t do. 2 reasons, the search volume is large, but the word contains too much, can not determine the precise source. read more

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Love Shanghai is how to judge the decrypt user experience

love Shanghai search "taobao贵族宝贝", whether you can click with "unable to restrain the emotions related to the domain name taobao贵族宝贝" ", and then close the search engine paipaipigu leave to go shopping. Give one more example, search for "sunshine cottage blog", and you know the station name is "guangzzz贵族宝贝", open the first page appear >

unless you use the love of Shanghai statistics, put the love of Shanghai alliance advertising, otherwise there is no way to know the user from the search engine Click to enter your site after all things happen. So say Shanghai is according to the site click rate is not established, the more impossible to know your bounce rate. read more

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