Enterprise Connect 2019 Voices from the Exhibit Floor

SerenovaSP_1_Survey_774.png Thrio: Third Time, Third Charm Sheila McGee-Smith March 12, 2019 This new venture, from serial entrepreneurs and CCaaS pioneers, aims to set the bar for AI-powered cloud contact centers. Mitel Uses Talkdesk to ‘Youthenize’ its Portfolio Dave Michels April 09, 2019 A clever alliance that benefits both companies is indicative of how CCaaS is changing. What best describes the status of you contact center’s move to the cloud? What do you consider the greatest benefit to moving to the cloud? Despite the benefits of moving to the cloud, many contact centers have concerns about the migration, which can delay or prevent it. Disruption was named as a barrier to cloud adoption by 29% of our survey respondents, more than any other factor. Serenova 8×8 CCaaS: Now a Stand-alone Service Sheila McGee-Smith June 25, 2019 With this move, company signals it will no longer address contact center merely as a UC add-on. SerenovaSP_1status_774.png SerenovaSP_3barriers_774.png To help get to the heart of the answer, we surveyed 100 U.S.- and Canada-based contact center leaders from this year’s Enterprise Connect 2019 exhibit floor and asked them: SerenovaSP_2benefits_774.png With more contact center exhibitors, sessions, speakers—and buzz— than ever before, Enterprise Connect 2019 brought many opportunities to celebrate, deconstruct, and debate the benefits of the cloud. Yet, despite the energy, momentum, and promise of the cloud, Aberdeen reported that in 2018 two-thirds of contact centers were still on premises. So, for those who have not yet made the move, as well as those that have already migrated, the questions is: Why? Of those surveyed, 27% said they are already using the cloud (14%) or a move to the cloud is in process (13%). Anecdotally, several contact center leaders we spoke to at Enterprise Connect, who had fully migrated to the cloud, were considering expanded, next-generation cloud-based contact center solutions from their existing vendors or considering new vendors. If you’d like to take a closer look at how Serenova’s solutions can positively impact your contact center, contact us for a demo.Tags:News & ViewsSerenovacloud contact centermigrationcloudCCaaSCloud CommunicationsContact Center & Customer ExperienceDeployment Models Articles You Might Like Log in or register to post comments Interestingly, cost/budget was named as a barrier to moving to the cloud by 25% of our survey’s respondents. Yet, conversely, cost savings are considered the greatest benefit to moving to the cloud for 17% of respondents. Serenova What can we learn from the survey results?So, what can we learn from our Enterprise Connect survey? Cloud-based contact center solutions deliver clear benefits, but the timing and approach to a migration requires serious consideration of your specific needs and goals. If your organization is struggling to achieve results in any area where the cloud delivers benefits, weigh the barriers that have kept you from making the move against the full benefits of migration. Aspect Has New Owner and Updated CCaaS Plan Sheila McGee-Smith February 14, 2019 Newly installed CEO, Patrick Dennis, is priming the Via platform for greater presence in the enterprise. Sixty-four percent of attendees said they are planning a move to the cloud (27%) or exploring cloud options (37%). Only 8% of the attendees we surveyed said they were not considering a move to the cloud. See All in CCaaS » Mitel & Talkdesk: Next Big Thing in UCaaS/CCaaS? Sheila McGee-Smith April 09, 2019 Why the Mitel/Talkdesk partnership is categorically different than Mitel’s earlier OEM What do you consider the biggest barrier to the cloud? The number one benefit named by 39% of the survey respondents is scalability. Speed of implementation is the primary benefit to migrating to the cloud for 29% of those surveyed. What best describes the status of your contact center’s move to the cloud?What do you consider the greatest benefit to moving to the cloud?What do you consider the biggest barrier to the cloud?Here’s what we learned: Serenova