Navy ships from US Japan and Oman arrive in Sri Lanka

The Royal Omani Navy Ship “Khassab” is scheduled to leave Sri Lanka on 27th July while the two Japanese naval ships, “JMSDF Inazuma” and “JMSDF Suzutsuki”will leave on 25th July. The “USS New Orleans” will remain in Sri Lanka for six days during which the ship’s crew will take part in an array of programmes. Navy ships from the US, Japan and Oman began visits to Sri Lanka and were welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy at the Colombo Port.The US Navy vessel “LPD-18 USS New Orleans”, two Japanese naval ships, “JMSDF Inazuma” and “JMSDF Suzutsuki” and the Royal Omani Navy Ship “Khassab” are now in Sri Lanka. Prior to their departure on 25th July, the visiting Japanese ships are due to conduct a Passage Exercise with Navy craft with a view to sharing professional expertise and strengthening camaraderie between the two friendly Navies. (Colombo Gazette)