Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization mainly operate from what

is currently a lot of hospital site practices, in order to increase dialogue and booking conversion rate, the use of a large number of pop, seriously affect the user’s reading process, greatly reducing the user experience. Recommendations should consider the real user experience, reduce the users normal reading process should be optimized by interference, reading process, guide the user dialogue, finally make an appointment, but not by a large number of popups way. The destruction of the behavior of the user experience, and ultimately may have the opposite effect.

you know, love Shanghai has always attached great importance to the construction of the chain in the site, the weight of the site to gather key content.

enterprise website Shanghai Longfeng optimization mainly operate from what. Whether it is business or large web site or mall site. Any site of the Shanghai dragon optimization are basically the same, the main contents include the structure of Website Optimization Website Optimization; high quality web content updates, and the frequency of moderate update; good user experience; reasonable website internal links, and to have the frequency, not too much, to prevent the stuffing caused optimization is excessive; the chain is very important, right, right outside the chain of high quality is very important. Now the high quality of the chain is too scarce, but also for the enterprise website, the chain is still not easy to overlook the power belongs to.

Five, the content of the website

trimming website key columns setting, the importance of adjusting different column

four, the website structure

three, the website chain

in Shanghai Longfeng field, there have been "content is king, the chain for the emperor", the importance of the chain site optimization. The chain is very important, but is not important. From the search engine on the content of the grab, a large number of the chain means easier for search engines to reach your site, increase the probability to catch website. But even if you are outside of the chain many, if not the quality of content, love Shanghai catch and what is the use? Hefei network company recommended the construction of the chain can be appropriate, if the new station can do some outside the chain, to speed up the search engines on the site; once the site is stable, the chain don’t change radically.


content both for users, or search engine, is the most important. By improving the content of the original site, through continuous tracking of network editors, to ensure the high quality of the content of the website

, a site outside the chain

user experience

The quality of