Xbox 360 gets an official wireless steering wheel

first_imgMicrosoft has decided to release a futuristic-looking wireless steering wheel controller for the Xbox 360, and to be perfectly honest we don’t know what to think about it.There are two types of driving game players out there as far as we can tell. Those that want a decent wheel and pedals setup, and those who really don’t care and are happy using a standard controller. This wheel doesn’t fit with either of those categories, and is essentially a better looking Mario Kart Wii wheel. Is this aimed at the casual player?The wireless wheel includes haptic feedback and rumble features, and although it’s not clear, we assume it has basic motion input by turning the wheel left or right. If it didn’t then Microsoft would need to include two thumbsticks somewhere on the device.It will work with all existing driving games on the 360, but some may be limited to basic functionality making it a risky choice if you have some existing games you intend to use it for. It will probably work, but there’s no guarantee, and hopefully Microsoft intends to produce a lits of all driving games and the extent of the compatibility at launch.Going forward, all driving games will most likely have to be compatible with Forza 4 being the first to fully support it.If the look of the wheel appeals to you, the price may not. At $60 it’s a lot to pay for what is essentially just another Xbox 360 controller in a new wheel form. If you want one, you’ll have to wait until October.via Kotakulast_img