first_imgThe revised budget sought to reduce the deficit of the government from 4.7 billion dalasis to 955 million dalasis. This is done to try to manage the 48 billion dalasis debt of the country.How far debts could be managed by expenditure reduction is still a matter of debate. Apparently the real solution is to expand the productive base of the economy in order to expand revenue so that expenditure on pensions, salaries and services such as education and health, waste management and roads would expand to meet the expectations of the population.Foroyaa will be following the state of the nation address to the population to know how the government intends to build the productive base to meet the needs and aspirations of the people.Migration is a major issue which is being tackled by the EU. The plan now is to tackle the problem with points of origin. Hence immigration departments of many countries where migrants originate from are likely to be given materials such as vehicles and other support services in order to enhance their monitoring capacities to prevent the migration of their nationalsThe real solution however is to provide those nationals, especially the young people with jobs and income fit for human living. This is the challenge to be addressed by all governments and the transitional government is no exception.last_img