RealLife Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothes Fulfill Your Cowboy Fantasies

first_img Red Dead Redemption 2 is committed to realism. That gives Rockstar’s open-world western a much more methodical pace compared to other games. But we argue that doesn’t make it boring. It just gives you plenty of time to soak in all of the rich period details. And some of the most entertaining details are just the sheer variety of cowboy clothes you can dress up Arthur Morgan in while waiting for his beard to grow.After spending dozens of hours admiring stylish but fake video game fashion, naturally you’re going to want to start wearing it in real life. Fortunately, Rockstar and New York clothing label Barking Irons are forming a posse to make this a reality with their new line of Red Red Redemption 2-inspired clothing.The wardrobe, all based on items Arthur can actually wear, includes denim($150) and railroad ($120) shirts with Arthur Morgan’s own initials, tan gunslinger jackets ($250), and saddle bags ($180) featuring Red Dead branding. It may even give you ideas for how to customize your Red Dead Online character. And because Red Dead Redemption is (basically) based on an actual period of American history, none of these clothes scream “This is a video game shirt!” which is always a plus.This initial offering from Barking Irons is a little modest, at only eight attractive but relatively plain items. Here’s hoping that if this initial limited edition wave is a success they then start offering clothes based on Red Dead Redemption 2’s more extravagant Saint Denis styles. By the end my Arthur Morgan looked like a hobo Abe Lincoln with a top hat and red-gold three-piece suit. I won’t rest until I can honor that man’s aesthetic in my real life.Barking Irons Red Dead Redemption 2 clothes are available now. For more on Red Dead Redemption 2 read our review and check out this beautiful photo gallery. For more on geek clothing check out this Infinity War scarf and Pac-Man pajama pants.View as: One Page Slides1/241. A River Runs Through It — I couldn’t help but think of Norman McLean’s tale of coming and age and fly fishing, A River Runs Through It, as I spied this view from a perilous rope bridge.2. After the Bear Fight — I was ridging through a green field of beautiful flowers when my horse reared and a grizzly attacked me. I got a few shots off, but had my varmint rifle equipped. I survived the mauling and killed the beast, but was worse for wear.3. After the Hanging — I watched this poor soul lose his virtual life. Not a pretty sight.4. Altar Tight — A raven perches atop an altar of sacrificial bones. You’ll see some weird things if you wander off the beaten path.5. Amputation — I brought this fellow to the doctor, who had to take his arm. Nasty business.6. Arthur and Deer — I couldn’t resist posing for a selfie outside the taxidermist’s house.7. Arthur Twilight Mountain Selfie — The light was gorgeous in the game, trust me.8. Bear Hat Mouth Harp Selfie — I put on my bear hat, one of the first absurd hats you can get in the game, to snap a selfie in the Rhodes town square.9. Bird of Paradise — Arthur contemplates his decisions as he stands in front of a bird of paradise.10. Boat on River — I had a Georges Seurat painting in my mind when I framed this one.11. Dry Goods Vet — The general store in Rhodes is photogenic as hell.12. Dynamite Accident — This is what happens when you stand too close to a safe during the process of attempting to open it using dynamite.13. Gunfighter Lady —Gunfighting wasn’t just for the fellas.14. Hanging Guy In The Swamp — I had a legendary fish on my horse. But I saw this and stopped to take a picture anyway. Needless to say, I was immediately murdered by swamp people. I got the fish back, though.15. In Memory — Old gravestones are one of my favorite real-world photographic subjects, so I had to snap this shot of a wooden marker when I happened upon it.16. Law Office — An urban street scene at night—not sure what these dudes are up to, but the lighting grabbed my attention.17. Lighthouse — The lighthouse is one of the prettier spots in the game.18. Look On My Works — Serial killer? I don’t know. No spoilers. Unless you know where Gavin is.19. Mouth Harp — There’s a dude in Rhodes who just hangs out and plays a mouth harp all day. Who said they didn’t have hipsters in the 19th century?20. Notions — There’s just something about the townsfolk in Rhodes that makes me think of Deliverance.21. River and Mountains —Red Dead’s scenery is amazing, even if Arthur isn’t quite Ansel Adams.22. Snowy Cabin Body — One of Arthur’s victims lies dead in the snow.23. St. Denis Street At Night — As New Orleans is in the real world, St. Denis is one of my favorite places on the Red Dead map.24. Vesuvius Studio Shot — This isn’t from Arthur’s camera. I paid to have my portrait taken in St. Denis. The photographer had a backdrop with what is presumably Mount Vesuvius, so of course that’s the one I went with. Stay on target ‘Red Dead Online’ Finally Fully LaunchesThe Actual Pinkertons Are Suing the Makers of ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ last_img