Firefox 4 available on March 22

first_imgMozilla has decided that it is time to ship Firefox 4. The organization’s Damon Sicore posted as such on the Google Group.In the post he explained that there are currently no known issues that mean the Release Candidate cannot also be the final release. If everyone agrees within Mozilla, which seems to be the case, then the download will appear for everyone on March 22.AdChoices广告The only thing that could stop the release from happening is if an issue is found between now and the 22nd. If that’s the case a second release candidate would be rolled out instead and the shipping date pushed back a bit. This cycle would then repeat until the final release ships.Firefox 4 will introduce a number of changes and updates to improve upon the browsing experience. A new user interface, a faster JavaScript engine should see pages load faster, the RSS icon has been removed, and there’s Tab Candy, and a new Home Dash visual browser all to look forward to. A full list of the new feature set can be found on the Firefox 4 Features page.If Firefox 4 makes it out the door on March 22 it will be hot on the heels of Internet Explorer 9 which Microsoft released this week. While Microsoft may be boasting about 2.3 million downloads of IE9 in its first 24 hours, it’s not that impressive if you consider when Firefox 3 got released it managed 8.2 million in the same timeframe.It’s all good news for end users, though, as we get to choose to use any and all of them completely free. Firefox 4 is certainly going to be popular and bound to test Mozilla’s servers come its launch.Read more at The Register and