German Airline To Test Out Biofuels

first_imgA German airline will begin experimenting with biofuels, using a 50/50 blend over a period of six months. The company, Lufthansa, will be using the fuel on flights between Hamburg and Frankfurt as a way of testing the effects it has on the aircraft engines.The biofuel will be mixed with traditional jet fuel, though it will only be used in one of the two jet engines; the other will use pure jet fuel. This news makes Lufthansa the first airline in the world to use biofuel for commercial flights. However, the company did not go into specifics about what type of biofuel it will be using. But it will be coming from a renewable source, Lufthansa said.“No rain forest will be deforested for Lufthansa biofuel,” company spokesperson Wolfgang Mayrhuber said. “In the procurement of biofuel, we ensure it originates from a sustainable supply and production process.”Via Wiredlast_img