Mercury emissions from coal reduced by over 90 with existing technology

first_imgAleks Tomczak, WCA Policy Manager, represented the World Coal Association (WCA) at the Third Mercury Forum in Warsaw, Poland. The Forum discussed the recently adopted Minamata Convention on Mercury. The conference brought together Ministry representatives, stakeholders involved in the Minamata Convention negotiations, the energy sector and academics. Tomczak says “it provided an excellent forum for both high-level and detailed discussions about the future of mercury legislation internationally and at the EU level.“Mercury emissions from coal can be reduced by over 90% with the use of existing technologies such as those addressing particulate matter, SOx and NOx emissions. Efficiency improvements at coal-fired power plants and the replacement of old inefficient plants with best available technology are also a great strategy for achieving comprehensive environmental and climate goals regarding coal-fired power generation.“WCA Members support an effective response to the challenge of mercury emissions and will continue working with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), through membership in the Coal Combustion Partnership, to ensure that the goals of the Minamata Convention are achieved.”last_img