US design studio offers 900 3Dprinted shoes

first_imgWhat does it take to actually make the industry of women’s footwear interesting to geeks? How about 3D printing?Yes, continuing the expanding trend of technology colliding with fashion, US design studio Continuum Fashion is experimenting with a completely customizable line of luxury shoes that cost $900 per pair. The company has a collection of 3D printers loaded with special nylon material, using the same kind of technology that has previously been used for other high-tech fashion, including 3D-printed bikinis.With that flexible technology at its disposal, Continuum can create on-demand stilettos, high-heeled shoes, and “everything in between.” Customers can choose from different designs, finishes, and of course sizes. The computer code that is sent to the printer is proprietary and completely unique to the Continuum brand. The company says it wants to push the limits of defining “what is recognizable as a shoe.”Continuum hasn’t quite fully tested this new product innovation; it’s still in the prototype phase, but don’t be surprised if this becomes the new hot trend for fashionistas everywhere. And that goes for other kinds of fashion as well, like sunglasses, watches, and as previously mentioned, bikinis. 3D printing is one of those rare  technological innovations that has the potential to span every industry. There are projects ranging from novelties like 3D-printed burritos to society-changing ambitions like 3D-printed houses.And if you want to talk about sustainability, it is possible to print more than half of the materials and components needed to make a 3D printer, with a 3D printer. So even though the idea of customizable high heels might not appeal to everyone, the implications that every new 3D-printed advancement builds upon is something that is most definitely all-encompassing.Continuum via Gizmaglast_img read more

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